Zhuzhing Up The Bathroom

Next in the zhuzhing series, I will attempt to fix up the bathroom a little. I am happy with my shower curtain at the moment, but there are so many good ones out there for the rest of you, like this pretty hand-blocked version that would turn any shower into something a little prettier and more fun.

I’ve always just used bath mat towels but how about a bamboo one? So spa-like!
Using these rolling metal shower hooks instead of the usual plastic ones really elevates things for very little cost.
There’s something very grandma-in-good-way about these textured towels. Kind of like the terry cloth version of a yummy old-fashioned rose-scented bar of soap.
Here’s a very non-bathroom basket trash can to give things a vacation-y feel.
A pretty Moroccan-rug trinket dish would also make a great place for a bar of soap.
I have a thing for old-fashioned bath caddies, although I’m not sure how the reading-the-book thing would work without getting the pages wet.
And lastly, I would be happy to fill this pretty porcelain jar with cotton balls and Q-tips.

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  1. I think bathrooms are a toughie. Despite having a vintage armoire in there for storage and baskets for towels, the worst part is what to do with all the plug-in stuff like sonic brushes for teeth and face. It’s my big challenge. Any ideas ?

  2. This is a cute “zhuzh”! Creative use of the trinket dishes as soap holders, Andrea. And is it weird that I love a trash can?!? 😉

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