Top 5: Shon McCarthy, Art Consultant

Photo: Imani Khayyam

I first met Shon years ago when she opened Lolli, her fabulous shop filled with reworked vintage and her own original designs on the Lower East Side (everyone at Lucky was obsessed with the cool leather bags). Sadly for us, she closed shop in 2008 (I still miss it!) and switched gears to get her phD in educational leadership. Shon now works advising artists how to best get their work noticed, and makes cute masks and cashmere socks in her spare time (check here for new additions). Fun fact: she recently presented at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education: HipHopEX Lab, speaking about the importance of incorporating rap and technology in an educational environment. Cool! And now for her latest obsessions.


1.Emerson Fry’s comfy breezy heirloom dress in white. I especially love it for running weekend errands. And the gauzy cotton fabric is perfect for steamy summer days.   

2. Alo sulfur yellow leggings will transform the most simple basics into rays of sunshine, taking a plain tee or a sheer dress to new heights.

2. Madewell Sidewalk Low Top Sneakers These are key for transitioning from casual to business functional. I can wear them with everything from those leggings, the Emerson Fry dress, even the jumpsuit I am wearing now on a Zoom conference call. I am not a big sneaker person, but this simple, not-overly-sporty design makes these a staple for me. 
4. Hair Sweet Hair I have been a long time Fo Ti herb fan especially after reading the story that man who took it years ago, who some say lived to be 160 years old! And this herb is supposed to help prevent grays. But now, I can simply pop one of these hair-strengthening gummies on the go.
5. Staytoesy mask (designed by me) I’ve made so many options — chic, bougie, even sassy — all from quality fabrics.  And, made in the States with a dose of love. 





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    1. I love gorgeous Edie! And your beautiful calming store and spirit! Thank you for always inspiring me! ❤️

  1. I hadn’t thought about before–but I did a lot of acupuncture and tradition Chinese medicine treatment in my 20s/30s (because I didn’t have good health insurance then, ironically) and it’s true that, nearing 60, I don’t have a lot of gray. Could be conincidence, but my younger sisterss are 80% gray and my mom was gray at 40! The mixtures definitely incorporated Fo Ti.

    1. Noelle, not sure if this helps (I have next to no boobs) but it was in the “small print”:
      xs/small: bust 36
      m/large: bust 42

  2. Thanks for featuring Shon! I still have my custom purple leather Lolli mudflap bag and many of those leather and suede obi inspired belts. I loved her store and her work. Wonderful to hear of her accomplishments and hope we see more of her work and talks!

  3. Andrea, thank you for creating and maintaining such a beautiful and inspiring blog! I truly appreciate the opportunity to share what I have been working on❤️❤️❤️

  4. SHON!!!! I had been looking for you and found this. WOW I wanted you to know how important you were in developing me as a designer. Our talks, your advice, your believing in me…..THANKS! enjoy your new career! love Kami

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