Top 5: Roxanne Fequiere, Writer

Photo: Cameron Spickert

Roxanne and I met ten years ago when she was in her early twenties, right around the time she and a friend founded the smart and charming indie magazine Golly, and needless to say, I knew she was destined for greatness. I soon snapped her up, hiring her as a writer on my team at eBay Fashion where she remained crafting compelling copy long after I’d left. Since Roxanne recently helped stage a digital walkout at the Wing (read about it here), she is now writing for everyone from Elle to Vogue and Domino, and I am on tenterhooks waiting for her first book, because I just know it’s coming. Also, do check out her dreamy (and super fun) wedding that I was lucky enough to attend, here and follow her on Instagram here. Roxanne always looks great, and often cites Rhoda Morgenstern and Mary Richards as influences (this is one of the many reasons I love her). Her style in her own, eloquent words: “Once I learned that my rising sign is Gemini, my somewhat erratic personal style started to make a lot more sense to me. As long as the fit is flattering, I’m a pretty equal opportunist shopper. That said, I’m drawn to pieces that seem to tell the beginning of a compelling story, and I love a period piece. I’ve been growing into a ‘70s vibe over the last couple of years, which means lots of vertiginous platforms and lo-fi sneakers, borderline obnoxiously shaped eyeglasses, rich textures, deep jewel tones, and lots of volume.” Now let’s shop her picks!

1. Ray Ban Square Sunglasses. With each passing year, I delve a little deeper into the late ‘70s vibe I love so dearly. These shades are so fun, I catch myself wearing them indoors just for the look of it.

2. Reformation Varenne Tank and Cardi Set. It seems as though we may be near-exclusively staying indoors again in the months to come, so I’m preparing to keep it cozy-yet-cute this time around.3. Juice sneakers by Good News. I have a pair of once-white Chucks that are long past their prime, and these felt like a great way to make sure I still have a high-top in my closet, but with a slightly evolved vibe.

4. Aimé Leon Dore ’70s Logo Hat. I’m so enamored of the entire Fall 2020 collection , but this hat with its perfectly Norman Lear-esque font sold out before I could get my hands on it, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for restock notifications.

5. Kule “Thank You” bag. Now that my daily outings usually involve my bike, I’m partial to bags with straps that I can secure by threading them through my basket in case the road gets bumpy. It also lets me indulge in the design of bodega shopping bags without the harmful single-use plastic.

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