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I met the lovable Firozé (pronounced Fur-ooz-ay) years ago on a Lucky shoot where she was hired to do on-set nails (she had a crazy celebrity following, by the way). Ever since then I booked her all the time, once taking her to Saint Bart’s before there was real cell service there and she had to rent a giant phone in a suitcase that looked liked something out of Get Smart — we still laugh about this which is why I am mentioning it. She’s a treasure trove of beauty advice, favoring hippie natural organic-y stuff.  Firozé is actually quite glamorous, having been brought up in London and Paris by her mom, a professional nutritionist and naturalist, and she now has an awesome new book based on her Persian grandma’s tips called Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions. Recipes include ingredients like turmeric, pomegranate, roses, lavender and even sweet potatoes. I now I’m more than a little obsessed with it and want to make everything! Take it away, Firozé!!


1. Organic Cinnamon Powder   “I have a morning regimen, upon awakening, I make cinnamon tea which I do religiously every day as it balances my blood pressure and detoxes my body and keeps me young and active. Here’s the recipe: 2 tablespoons of organic cinnamon powder, 1 tablespoon of raw honey, a pinch of saffron, 8 oz cup of hot filtered water. Mix well and drink morning upon rising, 30 minutes before breakfast and in the evening 30 minutes before bed.”
3. Artisana Organics Raw Coconut Butter “The first coffee of the day is a very important part of my life — it has become a tradition. An hour after my morning steps  I make my bulletproof coffee with a dollop of this and it is out of this world!”
2. Dr. Hauschka’s Red Quartz lipstick “I don’t wear much makeup during the day but the one thing my mother instilled in me was a woman never leaves her bedroom naked,  without lipstick. I can’t wear most brands due to my sensitivity to certain synthetic ingredients so my fave lipstick is this one enriched with nourishing natural ingredients.”


4. The Row Scuba Leggings “I do kundalini yoga four or five days a week, and living down in Sarasota, I spend most days in leggings. I love these — I can wear them to exercise and I can dress them up in a hurry if I have to go somewhere for coffee or lunch to meet a friend.”


5.  L’huile de Graines de Fin Maritime “Natural restructuring and anti-aging facial oil “I am all about natural and organics, addicted to this amazing face serum. I never step out of the house without moisturizing, Love, love, this product, the most nurturing anti-aging serum, condition and awaken the collagen production in the skin.”


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  1. Firozé’s new book Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions sounds amazing. I will be sure to get it! What a perfect gift for friends as well.

  2. I love the serum “Maritime Pine Seed-Oil Océopin” pure natural and organic, it has changed my sensitive and mature skin forever. Now it’s in winter, so I put it of the wild carrots and Helychrysum too ! I love also Dr Hauschka makeup.
    So I’m looking forward to getting the book and share it with friends !Nicole

  3. I am a long time customer of Firouzeh, I find her very professional and honest to get her advice on any product, but, in this case my most favorite one is anti-aging facial oil, that I liked most. Also, I bought the Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions, on E-book format that I strongly I recommend it to everybody.

  4. Loving all of these organic and healthy options and products and it is great complement to her book Mamanjoons secret potions!

  5. If there is this ONE thing I always watch in food & body care choices, next to the obvious “ingredients lists”, the quality of the ingredients!
    Only go for the best available ingredients to enjoy Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions, and that goes for all your foods & body care & cosmetics/make-up choices.
    Did you know that with your lipstick you can get literally your daily shot of poisons & heavy metals all along while having your healthy smoothie?
    I like my lipstick too, for just every occasion; and will never compromise.
    Good choices Firoze, thanks for sharing!

  6. Since a very young age I take care of my skin only with natural home made skin care products. Meeting with Firoze was a great gift for me. First she did amazed me with her beauty inside and out and trust me this two things we are able to keep if we choose not to be lazy and not to give our beauty and health in somebody’s else hands and be blindly depend on industrial skin care products. Secondly she has an excellent knowledge of healthy living, taking care of yourself with natural products and keep your skin healthy, young and beautiful. There wasn’t any single question other connected to my health or to my skin condition that she couldn’t give me an advice and recipe. I could write here many recipes that are working for me but since Firoze published her book there are no needs for it. Just try anyone recipe out of her book that feet your needs and you will see how your look, your mood and your feeling about yourself will be positively improved.

  7. I love all the suggestions above! I add cinnamon to my coffee, and now will add more. Love getting a brand name for coconut oil as there are so many out there. And I’ve just order the leggings and pine oil. I’m sure the lipstick looks great on Firoze’s perfect olive skin, but on my redhead Scottish skin? Not so much!

  8. Any recommendations from Firoze are the real deal! She walks the walk and has wisdom well beyond her years. I love this forum to discover how to stay vibrant naturally.

  9. Thanks for sharing your picks of the fabulous products. I’m a fan of Dr. Hauschka’s products. Never tried their lipstick though. Looking forward to it.

  10. I am a long, loving customer of Firoze for many years – as a model and actor – here in New York City, and have always loved and benefited from her beauty and spiritual advice. I’m so grateful it’s now in a book: Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions, Ancestral Remedies from the land of 1001 Treasuries. Firoze is a genie in a bottle, one of the most beautiful and spiritual women I’ve ever met, and I’ve learned so much about being womanly, strong and healthy from the time I was eighteen years old.

    I am loving the lipstick and yoga pants, they are my signature every day everything!

  11. Little did I know that when I met Firozé in Sarasota Florida that she would open up such an interesting and creative world for me. We became fast friends and chatted about her book and my work for orphaned children in Haiti. I am so glad to have the opportunity to try beautiful products that improve the skin of a woman of a certain age. What I am really looking forward to is trying her grandmother’s recipes and hoping I will look and feel nearly as good as Firozé does. Every day I look forward to purchasing the book, the pictures are beautiful and the remedies will be perfect for someone who lives in a cold climate. Filis M. Casey

  12. Besides Firoze being a dear dear friend, she is definitely an advisor on many levels, and healing is certainly one of them. I am SO excited about her book which I have purchased as an ebook, and can’t wait for the hard copy. It’s not only full of unique amazing recipes but is gorgeous, very high energy photographs! I look forward to giving this book as a gift to friends who can appreciate such a masterpiece.

  13. I always know who to call when it comes to beauty advice. Firoze always keeps me up to date and I always love her recommendations! Xx

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