Top 5: Chloe Bernbach, Jewelry Designer

The background: We met at Judi Rosen’s store a few weeks ago, and I was immediately taken with her style. She and her husband Matthew make gorgeous jewelry like this perfect chunky gold chain (honestly, if you have this, what else do you need??), and these sweet turquoise spike studs, to name just two. The woman’s taste is impeccable and fun, so of course I invited her to come show us what she’s loving right now.

Hometown: Providence, RI

Self-described style: Glamour born from the seeds of punk and new wave, worn comfortably.

Style icons: Myrna Loy’s character Nora Charles from the thin man, a very certain look from late ’80s David Bowie that is an oversized button down or tee tucked into high waisted pleated pants with a very cinched waist. Kind of channeling a ’40s glamour, with a  good dose of new wave. To be so over the top and dramatic as well as comfortable and relaxed in your space is perfection.

Favorite-ever meal: The list could go on and on! My kitchen is where my family lives.  It’s always been that way. Sharing food and cooking is how I find community and so much inspiration.  From my grandfather’s rabbit ragu on polenta, my mom’s carbonara. The time we made homemade nettle pasta with spring ramps and asparagus, all foraged at our upstate home, Pearbrook Farm,  made with love! Also, grilled pizza and clams al forno at Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island , a cheeseburger and martini at Diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, oysters and something sparkly at Marlow And Sons. These are all perfect meals, and my idea of a Hot night.

Three things I can’t live without: Aside from family and friends, the beach — A good dose of vitamin D and salty sandy skin is heaven; music – I want to dance all the time!; and my vegetable garden. My grandparents and parents are all gardeners, and now planting the garden with my daughter brings me immeasurabe happieness. There is nothing like fresh ripe veggies, and I feel so much pride when we plant and grow the food we enjoy, and share with our friends.

Motto: Always say yes if someone asks you if you want a glass of water/a cocktail/to dance!


1. Agent Provocateur Phoebe metallic briefs “I covet these along with the matching bra and suspender belt. This style is made of a stretch-mesh sparkling fabric with a cool waist detail, but is totally wearable.  The design is wildly glamorous, totally sexy, and comfortable! I like to start my outfit with really cool undies, I feel a hidden confidence even if I’m dressed really casually.”
2. Caran d’Ache 844 Fluorescent Pink Mechanical Pencil “I am always in need of a pencil.  I am sketching all the time, I draw jewelry ideas for Bernbach, textiles design inspiration, and new clothing ideas for my kids’ line Mae Mae. I also need a really reliable point for pattern drafting. This pencil holds a .7mm lead and fits all my needs, including being one of my always and forever favorite colors, true fluorescent pink.”
3. Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil. “I grew up using Dr, Hauschka products. When I was young it was really exciting to have such a natural product be so luxe.  I felt spoiled when I would get the Rose Face Lotion, or a bath oil. I still do! This is my favorite right now . My seven-year old daughter and I have a bedtime ritual of getting cozy in bed, and she reads me a bedtime story while I give her a leg and foot massage with it.  The smell is so relaxing, and its really emollient. We both feel pretty pampered and ready to drift off to sleep.”
4. Adam Selman Sport Leopard “lace” French Cut Leggings “This whole sport line is the hottest I have ever seen! I am obsessed with these leggings, the cut is sooo flattering because it contours your bum, and the see through lace like leg is sexy and punk.  It is my dream workout gear.”
5. Kevin Murphy Killer Curls “My amazing hair guro Shaun Surething at Seagull Hair salon turned me onto these products, and now it’s an addiction.  The smell is the first thing about KM products that got me hooked. My hair needs moisture and lift, and this product understands this about curls.  It is light, and rich at the same time and gives me easy, delicious body and curl. PLUS — and most importantly, KM is now using recycled ocean waste plastic for his products. AMAZING! AS they put it they are ‘Committed to reducing plastic in the best way we know how, by cleaning up our oceans and reclaiming that plastic to package our hair products. Our bottles will be made from 100% recycled ocean plastics in an effort to create a circular supply chain. In doing so, we will be the first ever beauty brand to implement this practice, through which we project to save over 360 tons of new plastic each year. Our recycled bottles will begin debuting globally in salons in mid-2019’.”

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  1. You had me a recycled ocean waste plastic. Ordered. I spend every morning of summer picking up trash on the beach out on the east end.

  2. Can’t wait to try the Kevin Murphy Killer Curls! Always looking for something to tame my hair. Never heard of this! Love that I can always find something new here. ❤️

    1. Me too! The Thin Man series is just perfection. So cool of her to have that as a reference. Time to re-watch!

  3. Yeah, nice to see a fellow Rhode Islander! We’re all so food obsessed. And I swear, we have some of the most creative taste in clothes. I have’t been back since the 90’s, but the girls always went all out with the crazy costumes to go to shows or anywhere else, really. Now I live in a city where all the girls dress plain and kind of the same and it bums me out.

  4. Love Kevin Murphy products! I was introduced to them, and their delicious scent, when I lived near Minneapolis. Try his “Young Again” Line for aging issues – it’s fantastic!

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