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If you’re a long-time IWTBH reader, you’ve definitely met Anessa here before. We met when she first cut my hair years ago (she still does at her little gem of an East Village salon, Headdress), and now our 4-year-old boys are best buddies. Since Anessa always looks super cute and has very specific, laid-back ideas about style, I asked her to come back to share her latest obsessions — needless to say, they are now mine, too! For the best haircut and color of your life, book an appointment at her salon (they are taking Covid very seriously and are following all the safe guidelines to a T). For great hair inspo, follow her here. p.s. her top is old Uniqlo (I’ve done an exhaustive search and have come up empty, but check out this cute one that she would totally wear that has a similar vibe); the shorts are vintage Wrangler (just like these), the chokers are this by Gigi Clozeau and something like this featuring her son Wolf’s name. The slides are these Birks that she’s been wearing lately with everything. And now for her picks:

1. When I’m in the salon, comfort is key, so I usually go for an easy dress or a good pair of jeans.  These Rolla’s flared cords are so up my alley for fall — flattering, cool and easy.


2. Since I’m on my feet all day either at work or running after my four-year-old, I need something completely comfy, but of course cute too. I almost bought the usual Dansko cheffy clogs but I am more into the Chelsea boots , which are also better in colder weather.

3. Undressed is my new favorite product from the Hairstory line. It’s a texture spray that is not overly drying — think of it as a more elevated version of your usual sea salt spray (i.e. it doesn’t make everything dull). I like to put it in my hair when it’s dry — about 15 sprays at the crown from root to mid lengths for added volume and movement.

4. I recently polished all of my old silver and turquoise jewelry and have been wearing it every day (see photo). Since I have a thing for Fred Harvey-era pieces, this sweet cuff from Vicki Turbeville is calling my name — I could spend hours on her site!

5. I’ve been looking for a soft cotton kimono to make me feel good even hanging around the house (which we’re all doing a lot lately) and was so happy to find this perfect pretty cotton one at a great price on Etsy.

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  1. That’s so funny about the Birks. I just bought my second pair on Amazon last night. The EVA Madrids are hard to find now except on Amazon or ebay. They have been the best house shoes for my plantar fasciitis so I got another for wearing out of the house. Plus, they are dirt cheap!

    1. Tahe, how do they size? I usually take. 6, but smaller in Birks. These seem to come in narrow only….?

  2. Oh! I go to Headdress too, and can definitely confirm that they’re rock and roll goddesses! I see Liv. And yes, they’re being super cautious these days, and it’s much appreciated! xx

  3. Super chic Annessa and her team at Headdress are the best! I have been going there for years and have never left disappointed. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

  4. I love her style!!! Thank you. As a huge fan of Birks, I just want to mention that unless things have changed, they don’t sell their product on Amazon since Amazon refused to remove the counterfeits also being sold. There might be more current information that I’m not seeing to indicate otherwise and if so, would love to hear about it. Thank you for your consideration to not support black market activity.

  5. I followed Anessa from salon to salon, back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan, starting in 2005 (?!). She’s the best, super down to earth and relaxed.

  6. The Dansko Frankie! I discovered these last fall as I was getting out of the cast-boot-thing for a stress fracture in my foot. Now they’re my sole-soul mates for life… I’m sending another pair of ankle boots back to zappos today because they just don’t measure up to the Frankie. They’re somehow more comfortable than the clogs on which they’re based? I’d love it if they became fashionable. But if they don’t, oh well. There’s no going back for me…

  7. If you’re interested in the Gap shirt Andrea linked to a sub for the one in the top picture, it’s only $11 now! Plus shipping still comes in under $20.

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