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All this cold and snow has me craving a little newness, so I checked out some new arrivals, starting with this really cool indigo tie dye Emerson Fry jacket that would be perfect with any kind of jeans all year long.

Here’s a chic and fun fanny pack from Clare V. to wear over (or under) a coat now and with your tees and tanks all summer long.

Think of J. Crew’s cashmere sailor sweater as a super luxe version of a striped tee.

I am thinking about leather pants again and these from Mango not only have a great shape, but are super affordable as far as these things go. And most importantly, they’re lined so they won’t bag out at the knees.

Here’s an easy clog with a lower heel in an unexpected blush suede.

This cotton printed top is just right for Zooms and then some.

I love how faded these gray jeans are. Wear them instead of white, or darker black.

Everlane’s new loafers have the perfect shape and work with woolly socks now and bare feet later.

This is just a great simple wool jacket with the ease of a cotton hoodie.

I’m dreaming of wearing this pretty skirt with tights and a sweater now and a tank like this all summer.

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  1. You’ve got me thinking….When you say “thinking about leather pants again” – Does that mean you had leather pants but got rid of them? And, if so, how do you decide when you need/want to replace a piece? I mean, nothing lasts forever, right?

    1. I realized I should have explained that better after I wrote it! Yes — I used to wear them all the time — custom Daryl K! So yeah — thinking about a new pair. xx

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