The IWTBH Gift Guide: $50 and Under

Let’s kick off this fun and accessible holiday list with a perfect everyday cashmere sweater, and my new favorite: the perfect V-neck from Quince that is $50 and looks and feels like a million bucks. I have the black and am thinking I need another color (oatmeal or camel?)I’ve been thinking about Everlane’s cozy quilted slippers since I laid eyes on them at the store a few weeks ago.

I guess  a normal old umbrella could be a strange gift, but this funny cat one would make anyone smile, no?


This petite leather travel pouch is just the right thing to keep small things (rings, lippie, whatever) from jostling around in your bag, and it opens all the way up so you can see everything.

Catbird’s chic and simple 14K gold earring makes a statement while also kind of quietly going away.

Here’s a fun camo fleece pullover that works just lazing around at home or as a good under-the-coat layer when it’s freezing.

How cool, completely chic and utterly practical are these Georg Jensen stainless ice stones??

Kule’s fun tube socks have a happy message and are just plain cozy and old-school cool.

Here’s a pretty silver trinket box so you can keep all your go-to rings and what not at hand’s reach.

J. Crew’s cute gloves have a nice Breton vibe and are extra long from extra warmth!


I love how equally bold and delicate this chain necklace is.

I’m a sucker for the Ralph Lauren polo logo, so of course I think a simple watch cap with the little guy on it makes a luxurious little gift.

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  1. The striped gloves from J.Crew pictured here actually have a couple of little holes in them. They’re cute, but wonder about the quality.

    1. Could the tiny holes on the index finger and thumb be for using our phones? Seems like intentional placement.

  2. I bought that V-neck Quince sweater when you first wrote about the crewneck and I love it. Inexpensive but soft and comfortable. I got it in the bright blue.

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