The Beach-Goddess Guide to Living By The Sea


I first met Daria Hines, whose style straddles between beach-bum bohemian and pure city glamour, in Tulum about six years ago after having a major I Want to be Her! moment. I went right up to the her and told her she looked familiar right before having a total duh flash and realizing she was a stylist/costumer whose dad just happened to be the insanely talented Gregory Hines (this scene with Mikhail Baryshnikov from White Nights never gets old). Anyway, she couldn’t have been more gracious, and it also turned out she was married to Alessandro Carozzino who owns Posada Margherita, the best place to stay and eat there (I dream about the pasta cooked in sea water — it’s no joke). She is also an avid yogi, mom (Lucian, 25, and Chiara, 7, and stepmom to Luca, 11), and owner of the best little curated shop right in the hotel, aptly called Daria Tulum. Since she lives there (lucky) and has impeccable taste, I figured she could tell us some of her go-tos for beach living. And I highly recommend following Posada Margherita here so you can tune in to their calming live seaside videos. p.s. because I know you want to know: her glasses are these very ones by Caddis. Now I will stop talking and give the floor to Daria.


This Raquel Allegra dress is perfect for the beach, then add those leather slides, (a few below) and head to dinner.

I’ve recently added adaptogens to my life and saw a huge drop in the way I handled stress. I feel calmer and more at ease. One of the main ingredients of Moon Juice Spirit Dust is ashwaghanda, proven to ease stress, and lower cortisol levels in the body.


I never go anywhere without my readers and I want to get this pair that are like a classic aviators but block the bad light from your phone or computer. And omg omg they have the craziest name for the styles!!


I was never a fan of Crocs in the past but a dear friend who knows me well sent me this Etsy link. I’m a sucker for customization and comfort and these got me going on the idea of mommy and me ones —  so fun!

To protect from damage of sun and sea I am always doing weekly oil treatments or deep conditioning masks for my very fine but curly hair and as it has a tendency to get super dry. For my signature middle-part-low-bun style I like to use oils rather then gel, which can get flaky. Oils give my hair a softer, shinier look at the beach.  I love this because manketti is a nut oil that provides deep hydration to hair follicles.

The perfect summer slides from my friend Maj-La Pizelli’s company! They look perfect with breezy summer dresses and will never go out of style.

Living at the beach your scalp gets oily and itchy. I discovered this and it works!! The charcoal absorbs impurities and product build up on the scalp and the coconut nourishes while plant-based exfoliators remove dead skin. Plus it has a minty fresh smell and leaves you tingling in the best way.


This Haight side slit swimsuit is on my everyday rotation. I have it in black and this rich green. It feels like I’m wearing a comfy tee, but the slinky swim fabric is still supportive if you have a larger bust, and it gives a sexy side-boob view.


This mask leaves my skin glowing and so smooth !! And I’m always a fan of products that are free of toxins.

I stick these eye patches in the fridge — so cooling on hot summer nights.I love this primer serum even if I don’t apply foundation. It gives a smooth powderless finish and contains aloe vera, which is incredibly healing.


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  1. You mention the oils for your “signature part” – so I hope you don’t mind my asking this silly question! What do you do to keep your scalp/part from getting sunburned?! I have yet to find a good sunscreen to apply to my scalp for something like that…

  2. Wow great question im not prone to sunburn on my part but i would go with something as non toxic as possible and for sure something without tea tree oil because that can alter your color if you color your hair ,look for pure zinc like surfers use .
    I use a product called everybodylovesthesunshine with zinc beach balm by living libations
    Or look for a surfers sunscreen they make some great ones now that dont harm the ocean:):)

  3. Posada Margarita is magical.
    It really is!
    I had the most beautiful dinner there a few years back.
    I was with my husband and kids and we were all grumpy, but it transformed our mood as soon as we sat down.
    Had amazing food and watched the sun set on that gorgeous terrace..
    Actually I wish I was there right now.
    Love it there.

  4. I LOVE DARIA ! She is a very old friend of mine as well! Like 30 years and counting ! Her restaurant and boutique are THE BEST in TULUM. She is so kind cool and chic. Great profile Andrea ! She’s fantastic
    Love you two

  5. Oh my gosh I love Daria! I used to work at a raw/vegan restaurant in Santa Monica that she frequented and I most definitely wanted to BE HER. She’s the coolest, sweetest human being. Thank you for bringing her back into my life! 😉 Going to make some purchases from this list, for sure. xo

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