That Back-to-School Feeling

It’s the unofficial end of summer, which, while sad, also opens a whole new style door that has a (crisp) air of excitement! I don’t know about you, but receiving those thick September issues in the mail in high school (and way after) always filled me with possibility and a slew of fashion inspiration to start the season off fresh. Anyone remember this stellar issue of Seventeen, starring twin model (sister is Tracy) Tara Fitzpatrick? Such a goodie and looking at it makes me want to wrap myself in corduroy and tweed! Here, I bring you a bunch of stuff to keep that feeling going.

L.L. Bean’s fisherman cardigan is so perfectly eastern seaboard preppie-chic and would be perfect right now with some good denim cutoffs and strappy flat sandals.

I hit the buy button the second I saw these crazy-chic heeled loafers (ok, maybe a day after), and I plan on wearing them with bare feet or socks and jeans and army pants all season long.

I have really been feeling the black hair bow lately, because it looks new and cool on a low messy ponytail, and this one with a built-in elastic makes it easy to pull off.

Nothing says collegiate like a good pair of chinos. Everlane’s cropped wide version feels a little more grown-up/current.

I’ve been stalking these classic L.L. Bean boots all summer because that cushioned Timberland-esque ankle is everything!

It’s not fall without a tweedy jacket! I would throw this one over my chambray shirts, or even layer it on top of a shrunken denim jacket.

Since I rarely wear tights unless I really have to, I’m all about a knee sock — so cute with high-heel clogs and also under jeans and pants on freezing days. These flecked ones would do the trick, plus they won’t slip and bunch in your shoes, and for every purchase Bombas donates socks to someone in need.

A striped crewneck sweater like this can go super bookish or ’70s Sonia Rykiel-chic depending on your mood. 

Since I am super into hands-free toting these days, I’ve been looking at backpacks. This Carhartt number is shaped like the ones we all used to carry, but way cooler.

Aside from adding warmth, an old-school down vest also gives an instant student-esque charm to anything you pair it with. 

My dad always wore some kind of classic cap, which made me always want one. This tweed guy is definitely calling my name, and I’m thinking it would provide instant charming Annie-Hall vibes.

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