Ten Fun Party Tops

I am guessing most of you haven’t bothered with any kind of glitz or glam in the last 9 months or so, save for maybe a cute shirt for an important Zoom session ( if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this this popular and apt New Yorker cover by Adrian Tomine). And now that the holiday season is here, I’m getting a little sick of the lack of razzle-dazzle, so I’ve recently dusted off my vintage 1950-60s Edie-Sedgewick-esque sequined shell (that I will be perfectly happy wearing around the house while celebrating). This photo of a pretty sparkly lavender top with jeans and sneaks is exactly the vibe that feels perfect right about now!

Here’s a nice floaty option that feels like an elevated hippie top.

This plunge-y velvet bodysuit gives a nice shot of understated sexy to a pair of plain old jeans.

If your idea of dressy is more on the Patti Smith or Lou Doillon tip, this cool tuxedo number is for you. I really like the floral one too.

An easy sequined tee lets you feel festive without all the added frills.

Mango’s tee features pretty Swiss dot poufed sleeves.

Nothing says I’m ready to party like a spattering of silver sequins!

This wine-colored burnout blouse could also work as a fancier everyday top.

Nili Lotan’s classic silk leopard blouse can be festive or work-appropriate, so at the sale price, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

This pretty sequined cami looks right at home under a cozy cardigan.




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  1. I don’t know if I’m longing for sequined tops or just longing to be able to go somewhere that “requires” a sequined top––either way all of the sequins you have here are causing me to reach for the credit card! Particularly the lavender and the cami. Both so good with jeans! May have to put one of those on for the senior shopping hour at Trader Joe’s. (sigh)

  2. Love these looks.I have the same vintage 60’s sequined shell – but in winter white. You have inspired me to crack it out for the holidays. Definitely wearing it with jeans and sneaks this year.

  3. Love everything! Desperately want the opportunity to wear something shimmery and festive. Like the previous comment, Trader Joe’s will see in up tic in overdressed shoppers.

  4. I ordered the lavender top from Anthropologie, but when it arrived, it looked like a piece of junk. DIdn’t even try it on but sent it right back.

  5. Andrea, the New Yorker cover link is going to the sequined J Crew cami.

    I love the idea of dressing up, but I’m pretty sure I’d be alone in that in my house!

  6. What do you wear under that type of plungy bodysuit? I got one that opens up so much you can see down to my belly :/ but I really want to make it work

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