Packing For My Trip Upstate


I’m getting ready to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends at her house in a sleepy town in the Catskills. The vibe is way different than in the city or at the beach, and here’s what I’m thinking I’ll bring, starting with a practical-yet cute swimsuit like this. I can throw on one of my old Indian wrap skirts and the top becomes a top


I love my perfectly ’90s Chaco sandals that work for hikes or rocky-bottomed waters.



Our handy roll-up picnic blanket is the best thing ever. We keep it in the car and pull it out at the beach, park, wherever we need something to sit on. It’s completely waterproof and folds into an easy to carry roll with a handle on top. We have a plaid one but I think this serape style is even cuter.I will definitely need a good hat to protect my face and scalp, and this one has built-in ventilation and a handy chin strap.

I always welcome a classic hippie dress wherever I might roam — this would be so good in the fall with boots and a sweater, too.

Of course I will belt the above dress with my favorite raffia belt bag for hands-free toting and a look kind of like this.


I refuse to get eaten alive (yet again) so I will make sure I have some Patio Oil, which not only keeps bugs away, but also leaves skin dewy and smelling good.

I found this chic tote made in Spain from grain sacs on Etsy (natch) and of course it would make a great carryall at the beach too.

How about a cool poncho to throw over that swimsuit or to wear around the fire pit making s’mores after dark?


My other, more fashionable shoe of choice is my Magnafied sandals in this fabulously fun purple.  p.s. they’re even more comfy than Birks (I gave my friend a pair and he said at the end of the day he forgot he was even wearing shoes!)Long morning walks require a little caffeine, so I will bring this easy-to-manage sized Yeti.









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  1. The Etsy company that has the tote also has grain sack pillow covers which look lovely and would add a nice beachy vibe to my living room. Great find!

    1. I think I’ll wait to fall and get those hideous Magnafield clogs. I mean hideous in the best way possible.

  2. Have you tried Patio Oil? I have a shelf full of half empty bottles of natural but utterly ineffective bug sprays, but hope springs eternal….

    1. I read in a beauty blog once that Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Dry Body Oil helps keep the bugs away. I’ve been using it ever since and it really seems to help lessen the mosquito bites.

  3. Andrea, how does the Magnafied run to size? I’m nervous because I’m usually a size 8.5/39, but they only sell whole sizes and the 40 seems too big to me based on experience.

  4. I’ve been craving a getaway to the Catskills and away from all of the DAMNED. PEOPLE. NOT. WEARING. MASKS.

    Have fun and may you find mask-wearers in abundance!

  5. I didn’t even scroll past the first image before clicking over to Prana and then spending oh maybe an hour looking through the bathing suit options and order a few different tops to try with one of their full coverage bottoms! Thanks for the tip! After an exhaustive search last spring (2019, BC19) for new suits, I bought one style in 2 color ways and was very happy with them but the elastic gave out on the bottoms too quickly (I barely swim in them, mind you.). ANYWAY I didn’t have it in me this year to do yet another search like that. Plus, Covid, being careful with money, etc etc. So fingers crossed one of the combos I purchased from Prana will work! LOVE those Purple Magnafieds and the raffia belt bag too but, Covid, being careful with money, etc etc. Thanks and have a great trip!

  6. Believe it or not, I find Birkenstocks uncomfortable. It might be because i have flat feet? The lil tri-shaped crease just under the toes is not comfy either. Does anyone else have this same issue? I love the purple suede & orange camo of Magnified, but unfortunately i’m guessing they would not be comfy as well? They look very similar to Brks…

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