Never Enough Jeans

If you’re like me, you wear jeans more than anything else. But a good fit is different for everyone — some love high-waist, others prefer something a bit more low-slung. Then of course there are the myriad leg shapes and washes. And just when I think I’m all set, there’s another pair taunting me,  like these Imogene & Willie vintage-y ones that look so great on curves — just add boots and the right top and you’re good to go. 

Nili Lotan’s low-slung boyfriend number has a nice crop to show off ankle boots and is now on big sale.

J. Crew’s high-waist stovepipes remind me a lot of the Celine ones from fall.

Here’s a fun belted pair from Madewell.

These super dark ridgid Levi’s have a cool slouchy shape.

Nothing like a good pair or gray jeans to feel that much more rock ‘n roll. This pair by Universal Standard is spot on.

I am excited to ad this wide-bottom shape in the mix — flared but not cos play-flared!

Old Navy’s cropped jeans are the right black and have a good lower waist for those who don’t do high.

These have a nice straight shot all the way down.

I’ve been crazy about these 6397 carpernter jeans since I first laid eyes on them months ago. 

Madewell’s classic cut jeans are a flattering choice for everyday wear.

These sailor jeans look pretty authentic and are now on big sale.

I like Everlane’s High-rise Ankle Skinny in this chic raw dark wash.

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  1. Does Nili Lotan run true to size, big or small? I usually wear 26 for jcrew and everlane? Anybody has experience with their sizing?

  2. I had never heard of Imogene & Willie and now all I can think about are Imogene & Willie and if I was young enough to have children again I would name them Imogene & Willie but for now I’m just going to buy jeans by Imogene & Willie. What a great post!

  3. I’ve joined Ruth down the I&W rabbit hole (I think it’s a good thing for my wallet I don’t live in Nashville.) I’m not a “shorts” person but their “camp shorts” look darn near perfect but they are sold out of my size.

  4. This post is personally very relevant/surprising for two specific reasons: one, this weekend, I almost purchased this EXACT pair of I&W jeans, after longing for them (based on the photos) for many, many months. HOWEVER, right before I pulled the trigger, I did a Google search, and found a blogger (in other words, a real person and not a styled model) on whom they looked completely different (and terrible). She noted that they were so snug she couldn’t wait to get them off. You can always size up…unless you are at the far end of their sizing spectrum. I think all the models are wearing versions that have been custom hemmed, and I know they will do that for free–but that’s a hard call to make without trying them on first, and then they become unreturnable.

    The other funny thing is that I just made a snarky FB post about those Levi’s “1950s” jeans. I mentioned that they were truly going for historical accuracy by not offering a size above 30. Note that the (very thin) model is a size 27, according to their website, so in essence these are jeans just for thin people. Anyone with curves need not apply.

  5. “You Can Never Have Enough Jeans” might be going on my tombstone and I don’t think I’m kidding.

    I’m definitely a low-slung type of girl and would love to try on those Nili Lotan’s more than words can say!

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