My Unlikely List of Workout Wear

Since am not one for athleisure, and I very rarely exercise in public, with the exception of paddleboarding and the random pre-Covid yoga class, I never really paid much attention to what I was wearing for said activities. But the last time I went to an actual Ashtanga class, I quickly noticed everyone was wearing real athletic stuff, which led me to buy this Athleta bra that I wear with these Gap leggings to work out at home. There really is something to be said about dressing  the part, even if no one’s looking — I really stepped it up from underwear and tees! And now for some more great options, starting with this chic shirred top (which I would wear to the beach in a heartbeat) and matching cargo bottoms. Or here is a more simple pair with a slight crop that would work too.


I used to put skorts in the dorky category, but now I kind of think something like this is kind of cute. Plus it has a bike-short safety lining with a built-in cellphone pocket, and would work so well as a butt cover on the beach.

I love the shape and pattern here. And don’t forget the matching leggings.

I like how painterly these leggings are, and I once had a similar marbly pair from a yoga-wear client that I found super flattering.

A bright top like this makes workouts a little sunnier. It’s also just a good shape so check out all the colors (matching bottoms here).


These Nike running shorts make me feel fit just looking at them, and I really like the added layer underneath.


This pretty purple twist top is billed as workout wear but makes a great regular tee, really.


These “Esqueleto” leggings are just super cool and fun.


Of course Cos came up with a chic two-tone bra made from recycled nylon. Here are the matching leggings. p.s. the brown with pink trim is also pretty cute in a very Neapolitan ice cream kind of way.


These leggings with sheer panels are a bit edgy/sexy which never hurts. 


A good performance tank works when you don’t feel like showing your tummy, and this also has UPF of 50.

Nike’s sleek unitard feels very professional ballerina, which I know would get me going while I’m doing Ballet Beautiful!



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  1. Ok, so I cannot tell you the number of things I have bought and tried since reading your blog. Today was crazy, I signed up for Ballet Beautiful, I wanted to Nike body suit, but only large sizes are left and I have the performance tank on my wish list. I am not sure if I should thank you or not 🙂 Ballet Beautiful will be a great add on to my other ballet classes online. Thanks so much Andrea, you rock. Keep them coming.

  2. I am a big fan of OV TechSweat for really sweaty workouts! I just love how lightweight the materials feel, and they don’t ever get that clammy feeling from too much sweat being trapped near your skin.

  3. Thank you for the workout wear suggestions. For me it isn’t so much about style but how the clothes feel. Nothing is more frustrating when practicing yoga, walking, hiking etc than to have to stop and adjust your clothing.

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