My Uniform: Lauren Bucquet, Designer/Founder, Labucq

Photos: Adam Humphreys
I recently discovered the fabulous new-ish shoe line Labucq (it launched in 2018) while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, and was immediately taken with these perfect chunky sandals (as seen above) because they looked super chic and like something I could walk around in all day without any discomfort. So I delved a little deeper into the brand and found out the founder/designer is the adorably stylish Lauren, whose look is sort of a fresh take on early ’90s redux, not to mention her stellar layering acumen. Before starting her own label, she was the footwear and accessories director of Rag & Bone where she designed the iconic Newbury and Harrow boots. When I asked her to describe her own style she had this to say: “I don’t love labels when it comes to describing style sense. I think what I always look for when dressing is a mix of play, practicality and proportion. I’m more interested in specific unique pieces, and finding ways to work them into my always evolving wardrobe. I like the idea that your style doesn’t have to be static, but something that can move and change with you.” Nicely put, Now lets shop that cute style!
“I always like to include an unexpected or playful piece in each outfit. I found these Prada check pants at the Prada outlet in Florence. As a shoe designer, you inherently think a lot more about pant silhouettes, prints, and fabrics how they interact with shoes. I have several pants that are quite bold, and I love how they can draw your attention to the shoes — I’m always trying to make the best shoe/pant combos. Right now I love this Tibi plaid pair. My crinkled button-down is from Cos and I wear it all the time. I love the fabric, how it looks a little dressed up but with ease, and this one is similar. And The white tee underneath is from Madewell — It’s a good solid basic — I have three and I wear them all the time. These Labucq Boomers have become my summer staple sandals. We launched them in March and they quickly became a best seller. I wanted to create a sandal that nodded to the summer sandals worn by just about every adult in my childhood growing up in Boulder, Colorado. It’s a hybrid sport sandal/shoe that is just as well suited jaunting up a mountain as it is walking city streets.”
Sometimes I just need to throw on something simple and easy, so on those days, I’ll wear my favorite jeans, an oversized vintage shirt and flat sandals. My favorite jeans have always been from Acne. I love that they use real non-stretch denim and the cuts are always on point. I found this vintage men’s Hawaiian shirt at the Rosebowl Flea Market in LA. The oversized floral print reminded me of Dries Van Noten, and I love the drape of the rayon material. Here’s a similar one by Acne. I can throw these sandals on and feel totally put together — and I always love a little pop of green. My sunglasses are from Crap Eyewear, but these Ray Bans are great too.
“There are a few things that I wear every day regardless of what outfit I choose — my jewelry. My jade bracelet was given to me by mom the day before my wedding, and it belonged to her mother before her. It’s incredibly meaningful to me and I wear it almost every day. I also like to wear simple gold jewelry that is pretty un-fussy. I never take off my thin gold chain necklace, and put on my little twisted gold hoops every morning. Once I have my earrings on, I feel like I’m dressed for the day. I’ve been wearing more dresses lately as it’s gotten warmer. I love a dress that isn’t too form fitting, but that also isn’t overly voluminous. I wear this one (from Cos a couple of years ago) year round —  This one would work too. And I love that I can mix it up with a shirt underneath.  My tie-dye one is from Paloma Wool but this Proenza top is similar. And this is the first sneaker we’ve made for Labucq, called LB Tour. The inspiration came from vintage ’80s tennis shoes, but it’s amped up with a platform outsole. I love getting some extra height with all the ease of wearing sneakers.”

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  1. Love her style! Perfect balance of classic but modern. I see these sandals come in a size 42 – thank you!! Please carry more size 42’s.

  2. When you wrote that she was the former footwear designer for Rag and Bone, it all made sense! The accessories at Rag and Bone always stood out from the clothing! Just love her shoe line! Thanks for introducing me 🙂

  3. I have been coveting those sandals for a long time! They looks perfect. Do you know how they work for wide feet and if they give (so they’re comfortable for long days)? Thank you!

  4. Love the green Charli Grass Emboss sandals. Fun.
    While I’m fond of lots of 90s fashion, I was traumatized by the spaghetti strap/slip dress worn over a cotton tee look and I’m chagrined to see that look coming back 1-2 years ago. Lauren can carry it, but sorry, ugh, I’m still over it.
    Love the look in the first pic with the pants, jacket and thick-soled sandals though.

  5. Hi! We follow a standard contemporary width grading, and because they have the side adjustable strap, we’ve found that they work great for wide feet as well. I wear mine all the time, and they feel more comfortable each time I wear them. The leather is vegetable tanned calf, so it has a very natural finish and really molds to your feet with wear. hope that helps! We’d be happy to answer more questions if you email us at

  6. She’s so talented! (And adorable) Aren’t the Mo Slides the shoes that celebs go bonkers for? You can include me in that group – minus the celeb status.

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