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Bobbi doesn’t really need an introduction, because she is one of the most famous, sought after (not to mention coolest) makeup artists ever. But you might not know that since she sold her fabulous line in 2016, Bobbi launched the fun lifestyle site and founded Beauty Evolution and Evolution_18, a whole line of wellness products (I’m addicted to the Overnight Vanilla which tastes like a yummy shake and I swear helps me sleep). She also owns the The George, a charming boutique hotel  in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband Steven. Anyway, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her here discussing how she’s dealing with the stay-at-home order, so I will stop talking and let her take it away! p.s. her sweater (because I know you’re going to ask) is Paul Smith. Here’s a similar sweatshirt, and the perfect pearls are Ted Muehling.

When social distancing started to become real, I canceled everything. All the lunches, podcasts, speaking engagements—even my book club, not that I had time to read the books anyway. Everything that felt so important in the moment suddenly just… wasn’t. And now I finally have time to be at home with my family. In fact, I have no choice.

With the stay-at-home mandate, my family has totally become our own society. When we first settled down for the long haul, we all made our appeal for who should get what space of the house. And space has been on everyone’s minds. My son Duke is a graduating senior in the art school world with aspirations to be a creative director, so he has very strong opinions about the art currently hanging—and where it should be immediately moved.

This concern for interiors is only underscored by how active the men in my family are, including my husband Steven, who together with Duke painted an entire room from gray to white within the two weeks of self-isolation. They even detailed our shelves navy. And new light fixtures have been chosen, ordered, and installed by three Jewish men: Steven, Duke, and our nephew Jeremy.

Meanwhile, I’ve missed nobody more than my hair stylist. She dropped off some dye in my color, and I tried doing it myself—with some pretty good accuracy for a novice. I do have some serious missed spots, so I’m filling them in with Color Wow Root Cover Up before Zoom calls and Instagram Lives. I’m taking the EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Gummy to make sure my hair stays full and strong, and my skin keeps a natural glow. Before calls, I’m sure to add a little moisture to my face with organic Apricot Kernel oil and The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader. which locks in moisture, shows instant results and has an amazing texture. I don’t even want to talk about my nails.

Cleaning is a whole other story. One day, I came downstairs and was absolutely shocked at the mess. I had what I like to call a minor Bobbi freak out. That day, members of the family were drafted into weekly chores. Now, I’m learning nice ways to ask for favors—and a couple tricks. My sons know that I’ll do their laundry (with the help of The Laundress Signature Detergent) which is completely non-toxic). But only if they do something for me, too. The best thing I did for myself was buy a Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum cleaner in blue. I walk around the house with this super light stick, and it really does get everything.

My house is super food-centric. It’s absolutely how we bond, and lunchtime is becoming my favorite part of the day to pause work, put down my iPad, and spend time with my family. Duke, Jeremy, and my son Cody’s girlfriend Payal do most of the cooking, which is usually with our blue set of Great Jones cookware (Looks so good and the blue reminds me of the beach!) Since we can’t just run to the store like it’s nothing, we’re a lot more frugal these days. Almost dead vegetables? They go in a soup with some chickpeas. Even deader vegetables? They go into a veggie broth. We get our fruit and veggies delivered by a local farming project and fish delivered by a local fisherman. The more local businesses we can support, the better.

I have a Daily Harvest subscription for when I don’t have any cooks in the kitchen and want something delicious, healthy, and requires little work. I’m obsessed with all of their green smoothies. When I have a sweet tooth, I have these Gut Happy Cookies by Uplift Food, which were created by a nutritionist for people with digestive issues. Oh, my god. They have prebiotic and probiotic fiber, are gluten free, and fill me right up. I wish I found them earlier.

Everyone’s worried about gaining weight while stuck at home, but I’m not sweating it. I keep on my body-sculpting Wunder Under LuluLemon leggings and stay positive. For me, that also means brightening up. I just got this pair of adorable neon Asics, which make me feel instantly better when I put them on. I even just switched from my navy phone case to this super bright pink one. Twice a day, I take a walk and call someone that I maybe haven’t spoken to as often as I would have liked. Let’s be real, it’s so much better than texting or Instagram DMs. And with these sneakers and this phone case, I can’t help but feel okay.

Did I say lunchtime was my favorite part of the day? Well, I take it back. Nothing is like my evening Tito’s vodka, which I like to mix with delivered green juice from Juice Press. That’s when I really relax. And frankly, I think I’ve earned it.



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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I’m a huge fan from way back, and I love this feature. However, Bobbi Brown is a multimillionaire, and a lot of women you feature seem really affluent. I’m a poor-ish person and so much of what’s featured is out of my reach. Can you feature poor-ish people with great style?

    1. Hi Kelly. Thanks for commenting. When choosing women to profile I look for ones who have interesting things going on and who inspire me. Bobbi is self made and completely down to earth, and most of her picks are pretty accessible. xx

  2. One of the reasons I love Andrea’s blog, is that she constantly features affordable pieces in the $25-$65 range that make me feel I can participate in fashion within my budget. Especially during this pandemic period, I notice she’s been posting more budget-friendly options than ever before! It’s fun to have a window into a famous person’s life, and it doesn’t mean we have to keep up with that person;) Actually, Bobbi Brown mentioned some really affordable things. I personally loved this interview with her, and so cool you know her, Andrea! xx

  3. I put the Asics sneakers in my cart. I need new running shoes!

    That sweater is aspirational for me, but I love the design.

    Thanks for a fun post featuring a great female entrepreneur!
    I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I like to blend her concealer with my liquid
    l’oreal or YSL.

  4. I get both sides – Bobbi Brown *does* have interesting things going on and she *is* inspiring – and I enjoyed this peek into her day-to-day. But, that said, inspiration has its limits. Creativity and invention and a “make-it-do” frame of mind are also inspirational. Bottom line: everything is relative – what might be “pretty accessible” to one person may be out of reach to another. Maybe that inventiveness is incompatible with a shopping blog. No one is ‘wrong’ here.

  5. Bobbi is the BEST! I feel fortunate to have worked for her as a makeup artist. She IS very down-to-earth and accessible. And creative as all get-out!

  6. The recipes on are very good– I have made her zucchini pasta and tuna recipe many times. And I find it almost impossible to go on the Gap, Top Shop’s, Old Navy or J. Crew’s websites without Andrea’s sound advice on this blog.

    As for living in poverty and style, there is a documentary available on Amazon called Homme Less which is about a middle aged male fashion photographer who sleeps on a roof of an apartment building in New York’s East Village. It’s very interesting and a rare documentary in the fashion world that’s not about the elite!

  7. My roots have seen better days so I really appreciate the Colour Wow suggestion!

    What a great post, Andrea – thank you so very much. Oodles of very helpful information.

  8. love this, love her, and loved her masterclass!!! been trying to track down exactly what 3 colors she used for eyeshadow on the smokey eye lesson with blonde mollye. if she can see this, can you let us know?!? my online quarantine stalking skills are failing me. if i can find the shadow, all will be right in the world again, i think. right?!

  9. Late to the Bobbi Brown party, but wanted to say I love this posting! And what gorgeous skin!! Can’t wait to try some of the products mentioned. And as others have said, she seems so real (which is a weird thing to say, since she is real so maybe I mean to say she seems so normal––like a person who would be a really good, true friend).

  10. This is so fun and inspiring. Love her! One note: I too am a fan of The Laundress but it gets a terrible rating on EWG (the site that rates toxicity of products).

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