Masks Are The New Reality — Might As Well Make Them Cute.


In the beginning of this whole thing we were all just trying to cover up as best we could. Now that masks have become a big part of our lives (at the very least when we go to the store or are lucky enough meet up with friends), so many designers are whipping up face covers at what seems like lightning speed. So now that it’s suddenly fashion, and a whole new shopportunity, I bring you some stylish masks that take a bit of the sting out of having to actually wear one. First up: this Baggu number, which comes in a lot of different colorways (as they say on Seventh Avenue) and actually feels kind of fun and slightly kooky in a seventies Marimekko/Mimi Loverde way (bonus points if you remember her!!)


I love Nili Lotan’s version that looks chic (if you can call a mask that) and stays put. Bonus: 100% of proceeds go to NYU Langone.

Gap is offering three-packs with all different kinds of patterns but I like this bandana/tie dye mix the best.

I love my M. Patmos mask, but it’s a little hot for right now. So yay that she just came out with this pretty lighter summer version in a few different colors and patterns.


Old Navy is also offering different family packs, but for those of you who are more into a minimal mask vibe, I bring you this neutral palette.


Clare V.’s denim blue and bright red piece is almost like a classic espadrille for the face.It’s not a mask per se, but this cap/shield combo is another option, and you can always flip the plastic up when you don’t need it.

Here’s a set for two moods: simple and a bit boho.

I like this somewhat preppie gingham one, especially for summer.


This bohemian duo has a handmade batik feel.






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  1. Fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this post. If everyone protects themselves and others we will beat this virus!

  2. So glad to see this post! I have been sewing masks and selling/giving them to friends. I’ve also donated many to the Navajo Nation and Farm workers. I’ve worked with my city to get masks to essential workers in my town that were sewn by others. This is so much bigger than me, so it’s such a relief really to see big companies getting on board. They are safe to wear, and we are going to be in this for a while. I think that the pleated ones fit best.

  3. I have the Nili Lotan mask and I feel like it keeps riding up over my eyes. What is your trick to keeping it stay put?

  4. I love my Baggu masks! Good space for a removeable filter, holding up well in washing, and a little wire for around the nose.

  5. Wanted! A mask that doesn’t cause you glasses to fog up! Yes, I have ones with the wire at the bridge of the nose. My glasses still get foggy.

    1. Robyn, there was some kind of anti-fog spray thing for glasses that I saw on my Instagram feed – the Today show, I think.

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