Look of The Day: Urban School Boy

I am obviously inspired by all things preppie (ish) lately, so behold the always adorable Leandra Medine-Cohen, founder of the sadly now defunct Man Repeller (can’t wait to see what she does next). Here, she so effortlessly rocks a super classic look with a twist that only she could come up with. Ok, now let’s copy her!

Her top has a pajama vibe, so why not just buy some great cotton p.j.s like these (now 25% off) and wear the top outside!

The dark fisherman sweater looks so cool nonchalantly worn as a sort of scarf, but what a perfect piece to wear with everything!

It’s hard to tell if her cropped trousers are corduroy or velvet, but this olive pair tells a similar story.


I am guessing her kooky-chic socks are by Antipast, but I think these are good too.

The plain loafers are super sleek and polished and I think this old-school refined menswear style would work too. p.s. It’s Naturalizer so it’s bound to be comfy too!

Don’t forget the fun patterned round shades!

Leandra’s bold bracelets are no doubt solid gold, but this piece would do the trick.





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  1. Whoa – I ordered the pants before making it to the end of the post. Chances are they won’t fit – and to be honest, I wouldn’t be terribly upset since they are pricey – but they almost literally screamed my name!!

  2. Wait…I thought she was forced out over the summer due to criticism that she hadn’t fostered a very inclusive environment at the blog and that it’s now called Repeller?

    1. Yes it was changed for a while to Repeller and now no longer exists. I don’t know enough about the situation to comment on it but I still find her style to be super inspiring and I do believe in giving second chances. xx

  3. I had no idea so I went down the rabbit hole about what happened to Manrepeller. Such a bummer. I really enjoyed Leandra’s goofiness and creativity. I also look forward to seeing what’s next for her. I believe in second chances, too <3 <3 <3

  4. I didn’t realize that her site was gone. I enjoyed it. She’s got some seriously fun style! And you nailed this look.

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