Look of The Day: Posh Punk

Behold a photo of gallery director Lucy Chadwick looking like she is on a very important art-world phone call, dressed in an easy-yet-totally-cool preppy-rock n roll mash-up. You know the drill — now it’s time to shop the look! Have a healthy and happy holiday, and we’ll see you on Friday. xx

I love how fresh the extra-long cardigan looks here, and this one gets it exactly right.

It would be nearly impossible to find her exact shirt, but this really good gray one from Grayson feels like the same idea.I love that her jeans are really long, which seems like a very hard thing to find these days since most everything is cropped. It took me a while but these scrunch perfectly at the hem.


Of course the whole thing comes together with some royal-esque velvet slippers complete with a golden crest. If you’d rather go plain, these can work too.

Lucy’s old-school glasses are a bit exaggerated in size, but this pair tells a similar story, and are a bit more manageable.

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  1. This is such a great look. I like everything about it and can’t wait to order your suggestions. Could you find a similar cardigan in 100% cotton? I am allergic to wool. Thanks! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lucy is bomb, as are you, Andrea! Thanks for your fresh picks and lovely spirit all year long…Happiest and most grace-filled Thanksgiving to you and your precious family. xx

  3. I don’t know how I missed this. I love those glasses and THOUGHT they looked like Shuron which is an old school brand that still sells some of their old school styles. It wasn’t until recently that they updated their VERY old-school-for-the-internet website, too. I have a pair of the Sidewinder sunglasses and love their cool and totally understated look. I guess I need those shoes to complete the look since that’s pretty much what I dress like, but not nearly as hip and chic.

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