Look of The Day: Italian Classic Ease

Behold a photo of Italian editor and stylist Aurora Sansone (circa 2012), that I have kept on the inspiration board that lives in my head ever since I laid eyes on it. It’s just so simple yet fabulously cool, and I reference it every time fall and spring roll around and I want to look polished yet relaxed. Let’s break it down.

Her creamy silk blouse fits ever so slightly slouchy, and those big chest pockets are what make it so chic. 

It’s the classic pleats on the pants that get me every time!

Of course those trousers are just screaming for a good belt for that cinched look, and this one comes pretty close to hers.

It’s hard to make out what that rich-looking gold necklace is, but let’s pretend it’s something like this stellar Roman coin.

Aurora’s shades are ’80s-redux half plastic, half wire just like these.

I can’t make out the bag, but it definitely has a chain strap and is small and neat just like this, because an unwieldy sac just wouldn’t look right here.

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