Look of The Day: Euro-Preppie Chic

This photo illustrates exactly how I want to look and feel right now — effortlessly cool yet completely comfortable with a little shot of glamour (another version of that fabulous Alexa Chung look from last week). Let’s break it down!


Her oversized green sweater looks like it’s borrowed from the boys, so how about this men’s spruce cashmere one from J. Crew?

I love the slouch of that giant white shirt and how the unbuttoned cuffs hang out of the sweater — this Gap one would do the trick!

Faded black straight jeans make things slightly more rock star than prep-school student.

Our subject is wearing classic Gucci loafers but this Bass style with a silver horsebit  give off a similar vibe. And don’t forget the thin black socks!

I can’t make out her necklace but I know it’s sweet and small just like this.

I love how the bag is very “lady” compared to the rest of the outfit, but I actually like this purse way better.












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  1. I love the idea of a “lady” bag with a preppie school boy outfit! And, wow, looks like Coach has reissued some of their classic heritage styles.

  2. The bag reminds me of one I carried in late 90s until it fell apart. Would love a post highlighting “lady” bags. I do love the Coach one.

  3. OMG, this is the look I strive for, it’s the I just threw this all together look. I have all of these in my wardrobe (nowhere to go Covid 19 and all) but if I can get a chance, this is all me.

    Thanks for this one!

  4. This is *so* up my alley. I may live in warm California but my Massachusetts prep cannot be washed outta me! Thanks for such a fun read.

  5. I ran across an old photo the other day circa 1977––I’d just flown home for a visit from Connecticut and was wearing pretty much this exact outfit only with bass weejuns and my sweater was red and my jeans were plain old denim––only I don’t look nearly as cool. !!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Ann. I don’t like many style/fashion influencers, but Lizzy Hadfield is the bees’ knees! Just up my aesthetic alley and she doesn’t seem full of herself. Another favorite of mine is Michelle Nielsen (@stonemuse) from Denmark.

  6. Love this look too. What’s great is you can switch out the jeans for pants and wear it to work. Yes, I physically have to go to work. Now to find a mask to match.

  7. Have loved this look forever and love this post and the breakdown you did- proportion is so important! I’m definitely checking out the accessories. I have a lot of clothes like that but sometimes struggle with pulling it all together with accessories
    p.s. thanks to the other commenters for sharing the name of the woman in the photo.

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