Look of the Day: Buttery Winter-White Goodness


Behold Italian fashion editor Viviana Volpicella, who always looks  so chic and effortless as can be, even while wearing basics. Here, she’s caught strolling around in a what looks like a well-loved hand-knit sweater, man-style white linen trousers and all her cool accessories. Before we get into it, if you’re into her long coral bead necklace with a gold pendant, and you’re into a DIY project, you can buy a strand of these and a gold clasp and make your own. Ok, so let’s get to it!

Her sweater looks like a pricey hand-knit number, but this simple A.P.C. version and this one from Jenni Kayne would both work.Viviana’s trousers are just right for spring/summer, but since it snowed like crazy in New York this week, I propose these more weather-appropriate ones in more of an eggshell for now.

Her belt is refined with a leather covered buckle and would work with so many other pants.I noticed that Viviana often accessorizes with a totally affordable, old-school red bandana just like this — you can twist it and wear it loose like she does, wrap it tighter around the neck or even use it as a headband.

Her shoes are definitely classic Gucci loafers, but these by Bass are a pretty great option with a little lift to boot.

And I love that she goes for the super classic Ray Ban Wayfarers instead of a super glam choice.

If you squint you can make out her blue-green cabochon pendant peeking out from under her bandana. This cute hand-carved jade heart from Ten Thousand Things gives off the same vibe, and makes the perfect layering piece.



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  1. Love the Ten Thousand Things heart pendant but will order the Lapis for me,
    the Jade for my younger daughter whose middle name is Jade ! I’ve been looking for
    something exactly like this !Great find Andrea ! xoLo

  2. I love how super casual she looks and I also love that she’s wearing a (I assume) white tee under her sweater so if the weather warms and the sweater comes off she’s white on white––a look I find so hard to pull off without looking like I belong to a cult.

  3. Such a great post – love that look!

    I own the Nili Lotan Kontauk pants in the army green and they’re my favourite. I’m not one for a super high-rise but the rise on the Montauk is just right.

    1. Love your comment! I have a feeling that only European fashion editors can get away with pilling. Not so sure that if an American nobody wore it, they wouldn’t be judged for not taking care of their clothes.

  4. I love her look here (sweater pills and all!).
    But it leaves me with some questions:
    1) How does she get her bandana to lay so perfectly and so flat?
    2) How does she tuck such a chunky sweater into her waistband, seemingly with room to spare?! Like, if she didn’t tuck that sweater in, would those pants be around her ankles? Are these pants reserved to only be worn with that sweater?

    1. Good questions! I think the bandana just takes a little finessing but wouldn’t be hard to do. Her pants are oversized so that’s how she tucks… I would wear those pants with a denim shirt, a plain button-down or a tee! xx

  5. i love that i’ve got some version of all of those pieces right in my closet and they will be so happy to be pulled together so chicly! (actually i feel that way often with regard to you ootd’s!)

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