Look of The Day: A Makeshift Black Suit




I came across this photo on Pinterest and immediately wanted to dress up some black jeans just like our subject did here. I’m guessing a lot of us have some of these pieces hanging in our closets already, but if not, here’s what you’ll need:

A classic blazer with strong shoulders is what it takes  to instantly elevate the jeans (or anything else in your closet).

You could go for a silk blouse or plain button-down, but the western denim shirt takes this somewhere cooler.

The dark black jeans are flared just enough and these come pretty close.

I love the instatement-y semi-pointy boots because they give some height without  too  much  going  on  (and they’re actually comfy!) Her tote looks like an old Zara one, but this is pretty great and comes with a handy little pouch.


And the simple narrow belt adds a little something and is also just a great versatile piece to have at hand.

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  1. I am a lawyer, and this is perfect for my life right now. I need to look courtroom-appropriate from the waist up, but I am free to wear jeans, which aren’t visible in a virtual hearing. And I might not be willing to wear a denim work shirt into the office, but under a jacket and in a zoom call, it works.

  2. Sleek and sexy, and the way she’s zhuzzed the sleeves and buttoned the shirt all the way up REALLY elevates and personalizes the look.

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