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I’m usually super conscious about featuring pretty affordable items, with the occasional more expensive pieces peppered in. But today I just want to look at stuff on my high-end wish list, because every single thing here has legs!  So let’s collectively swoon over Nili Lotan’s super luxurious cashmere sweater. I really do think this would be in such maximum rotation in my winter/spring/fall wardrobe that any guilt over the $895 price tag would melt away in no time. The cognac is pretty fabulous too!

I am about to pull the trigger on these classic 1953 Gucci loafers which have been patiently sitting in my cart for a couple of weeks now. I want to wear them with woolly socks and jeans now, and barefoot and everything later!

Not that this is a completely insane purchase, and I know I’ve written about it before, but I am officially addicted to neuBROW, which has transformed my meh eyebrows into full, lush and youthful face-framers (particularly appreciated during mask time). So at $100 a tube (worth every penny, I am telling you), this will always remain on my high-end “wish” list.

I’m thinking if I put on these cool-glamorous Ten Thousand Things diamond studs, I would leave them in for an indefinite period of time!

A good pair of leather pants can work in so many situations (preppy with a blazer, dressy with a silk blouse), and these are a good cut — not too tight or skinny (which just isn’t classic). They’re a soft buttery leather, with a nice crop and read more French chic than rock ‘n roll. In other words, as far as these things go, they’re pretty perfect (and now under $500!)

And here’s an investment for your olfactory pleasure! While Diptyque’s Feu de Bois candle is pretty pricy, nothing makes your environment smell more delicious and woodsy-luxe in the winter, with 90 hours of burn time. p.s. I keep mine  on my nightstand, and the scent is so strong it lulls me to sleep without even having to light it!Here’s a forever Il Bisonte schoolboy bag that exudes just enough quiet glamour without screaming “it bag”, while being totally practical. Plus it will only get better with age!

I’ve been eyeing this cozy-cool Fjalraven puffer for a while now and here’s why: I spotted it on effortlessly great-looking mom in Tompkins Square Park last year and when I tried it on, found it to be super warm and not “fashion”, yet it feels totally stylish in an authentic way. You get me?

I love a giant lush stole, and this one by Naked Cashmere is such a good army green!







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  1. What a great group of “forevers!” The NuBrow is definitely going in my shopping cart immediately. My next purchase would be the loafers. I am not a “label” person, but those loafers….(sigh)

  2. I’m down with some investment shopping and will be avoiding fast fashion as much as humanly possible. All of the $50 purchases really add up, particularly if you’re replacing these items in no time flat.

  3. Speaking of investments, do you or anyone else have suggestions for places to shop for “cool” engagement rings/ bands? Not looking for a super traditional ring and figured you’d have the best sources. I’ve checked ten thousand things, love adorned, and catbird so far. And your partner in crime, Ms. France, suggested Esqueleto (which so far has some excellent options).

    1. Mineralogy Jewelry Studio in Chicago is an artisan-owned shop that does lovely, lovely work. The artist, Theresa, has designed and created several pieces for me and her work is beautiful. You may fall in love with one of her already made pieces or work with her to create your own design. She’s got an Etsy shop and you can find Mineralogy via google. (I’ve no affiliation beyond having been a very happy customer and fan of shopping small and supporting artists.)

    2. Erie Basin has a ton of antique ones. Probably more on the traditional side but different than the seemingly interchangeable ones of today

  4. The Nili Lotan sweater is exquisite, and way out of my price range. When I clicked through to the site the styling inspired me, so I grabbed my regular, old, wool Aran sweater and a pair of camo pants, and that is my outfit for the day. That’s one advantage of working from home!

  5. This is such a fabulous round-up of items — I would truly treasure every item. Some are way out of my price but I have similar items that are the best quality I can afford and are treasured just as much. The Schoolboy bag though – I’m not sure I can find a lower priced stand-in unless I get very lucky with vintage!

  6. I love a list of investment pieces! I bought those loafers a few years ago and they are worth every penny! The look good with everything (lace socks!) and I get compliments every time – especially since they are a mens shoe I have had to point a few friends in the right direction!

  7. Any guidance on the men’s sizes to women’s sizes? I am a 7.5 but am a little unclear on what size to get?

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