Just About Everything I’ve Been Using from Morning Until Bedtime


Today I’ve decided to do my own little version of the recurring My At-Home Life columns we’ve been running since lockdown began. So here we go — and I hope I’m not forgetting anything! 


First up when I wake up is brush my teeth (in fact I have been known to brush them in the middle of the night too). I’ll use any random soft brush, but the only toothpase I like (actually love) is Arm & Hammer Advance White which is made with baking soda and makes every other brand taste like sugar to me. After that, I head to the kitchen where there is a fresh pot of coffee brewed by my husband. This machine seems to make the perfect pot because it kind of is a drip/percolator hybrid. Next, I pop a couple of Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen pills (and later these with food) — it’s part of a plan and you can’t buy the adaptogens a la carte, so you should take the quiz here to see which combo is best for you. I also take one of these probiotic pearls for gut health. After a short workout — I can’t take more than 20 minutes — (these days either Boho Beautiful, Pace Express or Ballet Beautiful), I eat breakfast (usually Just Egg (or sometimes actual 8-minute soft boiled eggs) and toast drizzled with some good olive oil). Now it’s shower time and my body cleanser of choice is Sea Salt soap which contains little salt scrubbing grains and smells nothing short of exhilarating. If it’s a hair washing day, I use New Wash Deep with this fabulous brush, or once in a while for an even deeper clean, I lather up some dpHUE ACV Scalp Scrub also with the brush. After I towel dry my hair with this turban, I use a little Hairstory Undressed Spray before either Hair Balm or Rahua Control Cream — both great for achieving beachy waves. Then I always work some Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil through from roots to ends, which smells divine and adds moisture and shine (I also use it on dry hair). Next comes Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer on my face — I’m addicted to the perfect texture and clean smell, and lately Everyone Coconut Lemon Lotion everywhere else because it also smells great and sinks right in. I have recently added CeraVe Eye Repair Cream to the mix, now and before bed and it seems to be doing something. Next, I also swipe on the brow serum which used to be GrandeBrow, but now I am trying neuBROWand neuLASHjust because — expensive but so worth it if it makes everything more lush! Before going outside, I slather this Supergoop Sunscreen on my face and neck because it just feels like a good light moisturizer instead of a sticky sunscreen. And by now I have probably used my lip balm a thousand times already, and I either go for Burt’s Bees Coconut & Pear (yum) or Coconut Hurraw (also yum). Ok so now I am ready to end the work day and cut to my after beer o’clock and dinner, Gino’s bath time/bedtime followed by quality TV watching, which always means wine and chocolate — either Alter Eco Quinoa Crunch or Lindt Chili or this cherry chili one. p.s. right now we’re watchingthe brilliantFrayed, which I highly recommend. The before-bed routine starts with a cup of Sleepytime Extra Tea that really does lull me to sleep, or sometimes I go for Natural Calm instead. Next is a good face washing — right now I love Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser because it makes my skin feel really clean without drying it out. Next I slather on either some Glow Butter by Boheme Luxe Beauty (also amazing for the body!) or Prestidge Beauté Ageless Skin Serum which is like a little bottle of gold (use the code ALFRIEND for 20% off your fist full-size bottle), or CeraVe Overnight Cream — I like to switch it up so my skin doesn’t get used to any one thing. Next, I use a lavender cream that my friend got me hooked on that’s handmade upstate, but here’s a good one too — the lavender really helps set the whole sleep mood and I even use it on Gino. Then I slather on the Aquaphor (been using this for years on lips and sometimes cuticles) and it’s lights out and I start the whole thing over in the morning!


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  1. I use a smaller drip version of the Bonavita coffee maker and I agree, it’s great. Also, that super absorbent turban is terrific for sopping up excess water from just-washed hair so you don’t have to rub hair, damaging it and increasing frizziness. Really helps me cut down on drying time and my hair looks healthier.

    1. Met my new neighbors last night and I totally forgot that I was standing there in my turban post-shower! (Also braless and holding a platter of raw, about-to-be-grilled chicken….;-) )

  2. I love the Sea Salt soap and am going to grab some CeraVe Night Cream on my next race through the drug store.

  3. Sorry but we spent a lot of money on that coffee maker and it broke within a year. The internal parts were not designed well. They corroded very quickly from minerals in water and regular descaling didn’t help. I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

  4. Love reading about what you and other women do. I used to do 30 things every morning and use 30 products a day too but have pared that down to around 10 ! Maybe it’s Florida. Maybe it’s the pandemic. My A.M. to P.M. is just teeth + Bioderma Micellar Water + Bioderma lip balm + It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Cream + Tazo Chai + The Scottish Fine Soaps Co. Au Lait Bathing Milk ( the latter is incredible- check it out on Amazon !!!!). xoxox

    1. I love learning about other people’s daily routines too. For me, if it’s over three or four steps in a care routine I get overwhelmed and won’t do it.

  5. I think I’m going to make a wellness cAre package for my sis from all of this. She’s super stressed during this time. Thank you!!!!

  6. Shoot, coming to this post late — I just want to say I live in Boulder, CO, home of Celestial Seasonings’ HQ. The company wants to allow a developer to build condos on part of its property, currently occupied by a colony of prairie dogs. When CS built its current buildings they killed all the prairie dogs on that part of the site, but in response to public outcry said they’d never do it again. Now they’ve given notice that they plan to kill the remaining colony. I’ve been drinking CS green tea for years but just switched to another brand. The cruelty of this seemingly so warm and fuzzy company is heartbreaking.

  7. OMG I bough the Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil on a whim & it’s a total gamer changer for my fine curly hair! I also use New Wash & Hair Balm so added it right in to my routine. Thanks as always for the brilliant recommendations.

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