IWTBH Combos: Summer Tops and Bras

I was just thinking what you wear under your shirt can be just as important as the top itself, and this, my friends is how a post is born. Take Amour Vert’s low-cut wrap number, which requires an equally plunge-y bra like this so you don’t get that annoying middle piece constantly showing.



I love the look of a racerback tank and while you can always saftey pin your regular old bra straps together, I say go for something supportive made just for this, so I present you with the ideal solution.

A classic button-down like Frank & Eileen’s perfect specimen, needs something like this pretty lacy bra that’s low enough to not show (unless you kind of want it to — I always love a little lace under a menswear shirt).


A simple tee seems like an easy enough thing to manage, but if you like smooth all over, including the sides, try this genius bra that helps do just that.

Nili Lotan’s pretty chiffon top is a pretty tricky one, so I recommend my favorite strapless bra that really stays put, and comes with removable straps for other situations like halters and criss-cross backs.


If you’re into a more natural silhouette like I am, nothing is sexier than a perfect white tee (now on sale) with a totally sheer, yet full coverage bra. It comes in an array of nude shades, so you end up completely perky while appearing like you’re not even wearing anything. So smart!





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  1. Hahaha I was wondering why you did not feature the everlane tank the other day because it’s amazing (and you can have 2&1/2 for the price of one theory, hahaha although those are completely totally fabulous beyond all fair reason!) but the everlane is GOOD. One sizing note for you lucky longer waisted girls…it’s a bit short (and therefore perfect for short waisted girls like me!) but all the colors!

  2. This was genius and so needed, it is the biggest pain in the world. When you have a bit more than others it can be terrible. The strapless bra issue is hopeless, I have given up on that. Thank you so much for thinking about it, we are real women after all!

  3. Been going crazy trying to find a bra for a white summer dress that has very thin straps (the adjustable kind), a scoop neck, and a slightly low back. I usually opt not to wear a bra with tricky summer tops and dresses, but this dress is too sheer for that.

  4. Thank you for including supportive options that are pretty. If we must wear the things, at least they can be beautiful.

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