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Today I am happy to share just some of the things that bring me a tiny bit of joy every day, some seemingly boring, others a little more fun. Let’s start with this photo that I found on my friend Christine Ganeaux’s Pinterest board, which made me go on a wild goose chase to find a similar scarf, that really is so nothing until you picture it like here. I found this silk one and opted for the brown (I know I will eventually get black too), and plan on throwing it on when I need a little extra something. p.s. Christine got one too!My favorite floral vase from Chinatown, that I had since I was like 22 or something, literally fell over on its own one night and smashed all over the floor (it was eerie to say the least, let me tell you). So I upgraded to this simple white number and use it every single time I buy flowers or eucalyptus (which looks super fetching in it).


I’ve written about them before, but I’ve yet to find a more satisfying sock than this cable guy from Smart Wool, It’s warm yet thin enough to not make your shoe go all tight, and I especially love them with my Old School No. 6 clogs. p.s. they stay put on the heel, too.

Another repeat, but worth another mention: My favorite mask is this Forbidden Fruit Liberty print one and made sure to  have a few backups. I have the teenage size which fits my face perfectly, and the nose wire helps it stay put.

When this paring knife is dirty in the dishwasher I have to pull it out and clean it because, even with a drawer full of knives, there really is no substitute for cutting everything from apples and carrot sticks to garlic, to you name it.

I’ve been turning to this Uniqlo neck warmer for a few winters now, and not only is it super soft, it also looks cool and you can lift it so it covers your ears or your face with it when need be (which is often these days).

I buy this Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray a few at a time because we use it like Pam, and also to coat asparagus or French fried baked potatoes before cooking, and on toast, every single day.

And last but not least, my beloved Le Pens that come in lots of fun colors — I like black, dark brown, gray and a really good teal blue for everyday use and the others for making handmade cards with Gino. Also, there is something so ’70s about them that is hard to resist.




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  1. I am getting some of those socks for sure!

    Speaking of socks, do you wear them with cropped jeans in the winter? Are cropped jeans still in style? Im 5’5 so they’re never hugely croppe.

  2. We’ll be twinning soon – I am so tired of struggling with ill-fitting masks and hope the teen size will do the trick. Thanks!

  3. I am addicted to the olive oil spray!
    So I own the same pretty liberty print mask and it’s very cute but.. it does not pass the candle test.
    Meaning I can easily blow out a candle wearing it.
    Not ideal.
    Would be best to use a filter with it.

    1. I had no idea that there was a “candle test” for the efficacy of masks! Thank you, Caroline!

      I like the idea of the olive oil spray, but damn! It’s pricey, and I have a feeling we’d go through it fast. (Midwestern thrifty, here.)

      That vase is perfect!

  4. Oh yes…that floral mask is on repeat (as fast as I can wash/dry it) and I always get so many compliments on it. Speaking of….only hand wash knives, the dishwasher dulls the blade!

  5. I got a chuckle when I saw the socks because I’m wearing the very same ones. I also have them in light grey. They’re on heavy rotation so it’s a good thing that they’re so durable.

  6. Just bought several pairs of the socks and am excited for them to get me through the rest of the MN winter— thanks, Andrea! (Btw, for those of you interested in purchasing, found them on sale at!)

  7. Forgot to mention that Smart Wool is one of the few companies (Darn Tough is another) I know of that makes socks high quality socks that fit small ADULT feet without bunching up/spinning around, making them well worth the cost. I’m a size 5 and the SW “S” (shoe size 4.5-6) fit perfectly. I bought a tester pair last year and am going to take the plunge and buy more – thanks for the nudge, Andrea.

  8. Smartwool is a great brand. I have many pairs of socks and a sweater form them (I buy in bulk during a sale). Wool you can wash without fear of messing it up, just don’t put it in a dryer. Also, great for hikes or cold-weather workout. And they last for a very long time.

    Yes, I sing the praises of a pair of socks. Weird….. but true.

  9. Andrea, always love seeing your picks. I’m buying those socks (to add to my growing smartwool collection) and would love to see a post about how you style them with your No. 6 clogs, which I have and love! Thanks!

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