How to Turn Your Home into The Perfect Beach Bungalow (Even if You Live in the City)


Let’s just all close our eyes for a minute and visualize this amazing little place is ours (I drive by it all the time and fantasize how I would decorate). I suggest buying this Surf Shack book by my friend Heather Summerville for endless inspiration, and then put it on your coffee table and pretend you live in a fabulous beach house too. I’m thinking some of these things can at least create the right mood, leading you to sea-salty places in your mind.

A beach scene photo of course can instantly set the tone in any room. Sit back, gaze at it and feel your blood pressure go down.


I am dreaming of this cool blanket that would make any bed look beach-house worthy (or log-cabin-y of that’s your thing). Check out all of the different patterns this shop has to offer here.


I have always had a thing for shell-encrusted keepsake boxes which are so good for jewelry, paper clips, anything small that you don’t want to see scattered about!


I’m thinking the sight of a recycled Lobster Rope Doormat at my apartment door would cheer me up every time I came home. This is one of a kind, but check out the others in this shop.


Don’t forget the wind chime for warm summer breezes! This one looks like a modern art piece rather than something too hippie dippie.


Here’s some cool shell art to hang together or separate into different rooms.


Such a happy, sunny Mexican rug for the bathroom, kitchen, wherever.


I love these macrame hanging plant holders from the Sill that emit an elevated boho vibe.


We got this very shell night light for the bathroom, but it was usurped by our son for his room (time to get another). 

 I love Pendleton beach towels in the bathroom. They’re super big and absorbent and look fun and beachy just hanging there.

This “surfer girl” framed digital print is marketed to the teens, but I think it could look great mixed in with paintings in an adult room too.

An old-school “monkey fist” door stop is always useful, but also just a cool thing to have around.



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  1. Love this post as I am a beach person through and through. I have two lobster rope doormats that I purchased from Stern Lines several years ago and I can guarantee lobster rope last forever AND they are super beautiful. AND, probably most importantly, they help our environment. Triple win!! (WANT that house!)

    1. They truly do last forever! Cute house! (Springs? Lazy Point?) My indulgence would be an outdoor shower, which we don’t have, but I dream of every time my grandkids come to visit and it seems like half of the beach ends up in our house.

  2. OMG you are reading my mind today. I just got back from a week and a half at the beach and as a Cancerian water girl, it is absolutely my ultimate soul lifting spot. Adore everything here and want it all- particularly the shack. 🙂

    1. So funny – I’m a Cancer and I just said that EXACT thing to my husband today when he picked me up from the beach.

  3. This made me laugh because I have that Surf Shack book on my living room coffee table, where it’s been since Spring. I love looking through it and dreaming of owning a cozy beach cottage on the California coast.

  4. I have a lobster rope doormat at the front and back doors. They’re indestructible and really pretty in my opinion. I think I need the yellow urban rub to go with my yellow rope doormat.

  5. We had a similar seashell nighlight when I was a kid, and I remember making a shell-encrusted box from a kit back then, too… I wonder if it’s still stashed in my childhood bedroom…

    On a totally unrelated but good note, Alex Mill now has an outlet on LI (through Labor Day, but the super-nice & helpful employees said it could be longer if it’s profitable). It looked to have a good variety of items and sizes, all 50-65% off. When I was there a week ago, they said jumpsuits would be arriving soon. As I’m not a jumpsuit gal, I left with a washed black work jacket I’d been contemplating for months–LOVE it. The shop’s at Tanger Riverhead, sort of on the way to the Hamptons(?).

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