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My friend Meggie, a fit model and founder of Wolcott robes, has the most incredible, mercurial hair (when I met her it was straighter and shaggy and now she’s turned it into a crown of fabulous beach waves), so of course I asked her to divulge everything she does and uses to get it looking so good. Take it away, Meggie!

My hair texture changes all the time. Super unpredictable and unruly so this is how I work with what I’ve got: Twice a week I shampoo and condition with L’Oréal Ever pure brass toning purple shampoo and conditioner.  Then I put on a vintage robe (like the red one above. The striped one is a version of this) and I run this Dry Bar Lemon Paddle Brush through my hair ONCE to get the knots out and find my side part after I towel dry with good oversized towels like these — 100% cotton (they take up more space in the closet but are so worth it), — I don’t like microfiber! 

Next, I use  one healthy squirt of Rossano Ferretti Brillante Protective and Shining Oil  all through my hair to keep it shiny. It’s light, oily and slippery. I buy this when I get my hair cut and colored at Rossano Ferretti Salon with Naoko Suzuki (@glambynaoko on Instagram) who I met through a fashion designer years ago. To keep my highlights in check and tame the frizz,  I found toning really helps. I’d rather be called bossy than brassy!

The secret to weighing down thick hair and keeping curls tight is DevaCurl Styling Cream
 I run this through all of the bottom half of my hair and start twisting curls with my fingers. Until I have a head full of have big chunky ringlets. The tighter the curl the better.To kill an hour, I organize my closet, call family, do some online browsing etc.   –Anything that takes about an hour. The trick is to not touch your hair while it’s drying AT ALL!

Any limp or straight pieces that don’t want to participate in finger curling get a spritz of Sachajuan Ocean Mist to wake them up and twist again.

Then I get dressed, flip & shake my head to loosen up the ringlets. They get wild. The New York City wind and humidity usually does the rest of the work for me!

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  1. I love a post dedicated to us curly-haired women! The Rossano Ferretti oil is in my cart. I can relate to your comment about NYC wind and humidity, haha..they are their own “natural” products 😉

  2. so helpful! i too have thick wavy/curly hair that i let air dry (even in winter) — it’s hard to find product that works well for me. (most make my hair too crunchy or too greasy: pick one. plus i’m particular about smells.) i know the twisting part is key but i’m so lazy. then again, we’re quarantined. I HAVE TIME.

  3. Love her hair – mine is a similar texture/length. Ever since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been cutting my own hair, and I actually don’t hate the results (or the $ I have saved). I’ve been giving myself micro-trims using the “unicorn method”. I also use the twist-and-air-dry method (occasionally, if it’s really freezing out and I am pressed for time, I will diffuse mostly upside down) – my hair takes WAY more than an hour to fully dry; it’s more like 6 hours because I have
    A LOT of hair. I use no sulfates or silicones in my shampoo/conditioner/hair products, and I had to stop using Deva products because of all the talk about them causing hair loss.

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