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You met my friend and neighbor Carlin, a fabulously stylish chef, right here, when she was still a brunette and living her best life during lockdown. Since then, she’s decided to let her color grow out. And while she is super happy with the result, Carlin had to change things up a bit to accommodate her new look — and hey who doesn’t welcome a little shopportunity? p.s. that cute dress is this one by Anna!

Back in March I stared in the mirror, looking at the creeping silver roots, pushing the dark chocolate color out. Should I dye it myself? Should I ask my husband to my stand-in colorist? For 22 years, I had been visiting a salon for 2-3 hours, every five to six weeks, no matter where I lived from San Francisco to New York to Rome to Palermo to Berlin. The worst part was that I no longer enjoyed the process. Now, like going to the dentist, it was just another thing I knew I had to do.  So I gave in. Last April I didn’t color my hair. And then came May, June, July….How long might I last not coloring my hair? I’ll admit that early on I had texted my colorist and asked for her to put together and send me a root kit, just in case panic struck.

The silver (not gray – that word is not used in our household) had worked its way down to make a perfect ring around my head. With my length, to grow it out completely felt like a torture, making the coming months (year?) seem endless. By the end of the summer,  I reached out to my dear stylist at Headdress, Liv , to chop it off.  With a new layered cut, the new shade took on a whole new look and feel. Yes! I succeeded! I changed my relationship with myself and the silver.

I have to say that it now feels so much thicker and healthier without the color. Will this be the new me? I still cannot fully commit but for the time being, I am having fun with it.  Here are some things I have thrown into the mix to play with my new look:

Caddis Black Miklos glasses I recently purchased these frames for both reading and blue light protection (especially for Zoom calls) and this company is all about celebrating and ‘owning’ your age.  Their frames are quirky and fun with fabulous color options depending upon the level of statement you want to make.

Vapour lipstick High Voltage in Adore I have a strong preference for clean beauty companies, especially when it comes to my eyes and lips.  Vapour walks their talk, and this formula is so nourishing, the color has staying power and adds a pop of brightness to set off my blue eyes and silver hair. I love that it is matte and neutral too.

Paloma Wool called Twister sweater My favorite colors to wear especially in winter, have always been black and varying shades of blue.  Now that I am silver, the cooler, richer colors most compliment my skin tone. (Sadly, no more earth tones on top). My most favorite pullover is from a collaboration between Uniqlo and Lemaire that I purchased in Europe back in 2016 but this one has quickly become a second favorite.

Antonym eyeliner in Brown: I like a good liner and this is from another fabulous natural beauty line. It goes on thin but also smudges well and really makes my blue eyes pop against the silver. It also has a sharpener at the end which I really appreciate.

Nikki Couppee Neogem Mismatched Studs Silver hair can be so visually dominating, and a pair of sparkly earrings add some playfulness. My dear artist friend, Jessie, recently turned me on to this incredibly talented designer and I am smitten.  She makes unique pieces that are each a statement unto themselves.







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    1. The twister sweater is from Paloma Wool. They still have other color combo options available, check their website.

  1. Your silver looks beautiful! You are rocking it! I, too, went “COVID gray,” although my hair is more white. I was getting my roots done on my short dark hair every 3.5 weeks! What a relief to have that behind me. I’m also having fun experimenting with my new look!

  2. She looks fabulous and I love that sweater and those earrings! I love mixing blues and blacks together, too, and would be happy in nothing but, plus all the grey sweaters and t-shirts! I wish I could say the same about my attempt at going “silver” which started about a week before everything shut down. It’s not been pretty. I have face framing greys but they don’t excite me in any way, so last week I decided to start coloring my hair again. The sad thing is, is that I don’t mind the various strays here and there and would have loved a full head of silver, but I do mind these kinky greys at the temples that make me look like I have a receding hair line and do not at all compliment my dark features. I had such high hopes!

    1. Same here, Tahe. I attempted growing out my color in hopes that the white I was seeing at my temples might be all over. Eh….not so much. More like “mouse” all over.

    1. The Paloma Wool sweater is still available in black/white and gray/white. Both stunning as well!

  3. I absolutely love the way she looks! I think that going silver looks great on women who had dark brown or black hair, because they have the right coloring. I don’t think it works so well on women like me who are blonde with warmer skin tones, makes me look washed out (I tried on a silver wig once to test it out and I looked sickly)
    But more power to those who can carry it off!!!

    1. Carlin looks younger and hipper with her new hair color. A good haircut really makes silver hair.

      Thanks for this inspiring post.

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