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I recently worked on a project where I had to find some goods on Amazon. Since it’s not the most glamorous shopping experience for clothing and accessories, it took me a looong time to weed through the obvious designer stuff and unmentionables until I got a nice little edit. Now I did the same for you and I will begin with this crazy dress that could pass for Maria Cornejo or maybe even Marimekko. Makes a great cover-up and city piece too. So while you’re putting household items like toothpaste and sponges in your cart, why not treat yourself to something a bit more exciting?

On the practical tip, here’s a four-pack of pretty lace hipster briefs by Amazon Essentials. There are 7 different color combos, including all black. 


This chic polka-dot shirt is 100% cotton and not unlike a favorite Nili Lotan of mine. Check out the other colors like this perfect banker blue.


So a while back when we were still shopping freely around town, I was obsessing over the cute little dangly heart hoops on the super cool shop girl at 6397. They were a high school gift from her dad and were the sweet and girlie counterpart to her punky cropped hair and boho style. Needless to say, I wanted some, stat and began searching online for days. Finally I settled on this cute pair for $12.99 and I love them. p.s. Just to be transparent, they did break once, but the company sent a replacement right away.

Roomy overalls are an easy way to look cool (and keep comfy), and they’re only $15.99!


I know I just wrote about my favorite rubber sandals but what a great excuse to mention them once again!


This Anne Cole maillot is like the ideal ’70s leotard and has handy adjustable straps.


I have a weakness for a classic Baja hoodie — aka drug rug (so good for summer nights) and this is such a chic stripe. Check out all the others, too.

It seems like the it bag of the season is a sturdy raffia one. This toostie roll bag has rich leather straps and is the right price.

How about a colorful Indian wrap skirt to throw over that maillot for a ’70s camp counselor vibe?

And I would wear this denim Greek fisherman cap at the beach and in the rain for maximum beat-upness!







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  1. I adore this site and your suggestions, feels important to say that first. BUT, Amazon is a corporation that has an abysmal track record of employee intimidation and union busting. I appreciate that people need affordable choices for clothing, and accessories but I think it’s possible to dig deeper and look further afield to support someone other than Jeff Bezos who has grown his wealth by more than 25 billion dollars since the beginning of the pandemic. Not wanting to shame anyone, I just think it’s possible to shop elsewhere. Much respect.

    1. Hi Sasha. Thank you for the support. This post came about because I was working on something else and ended up finding all of these reasonably priced cool things that I wanted to share. I should have mentioned in my opening that most of the items here are sold through small third-party sellers whom I was happy to support. Thanks for reading. xx

  2. Thank you for all the cute affordable options here! I have really been leaning into your blog during this pandemic as an answer to still wanting to shop and treat myself, but not wanting to break my bank account. Especially with all the economic uncertainty we are all feeling, your blog has been a safe haven for me. So, thank you for putting out many affordable pieces – it hasn’t gone unnoticed and I am so appreciative.

  3. A day late, but thank you for the Sunday (yesterday) blog…your email is usually the first thing I read in the morning, and I miss it over the weekend. Yesterday was a nice surprise!

  4. These are great – I love how you can find an array of interesting, cool pieces just about anywhere! That dress is so 70s Marimekko chic (without the price tag) – I will keep my eye on that label – and the undies are just like the Gap ones I love so much (only more affordable… this is important to me right now).
    Thank you so much for your curated loveliness – I look forward to your posts so much!

  5. If I buy any items…that can be bought elsewhere and not Amazon…I do so…even if it costs a few dollars more…alas..its true many items can only be found there…but for examplet, the Anne Cole suit..which I own a few of…can be bought many other places…

  6. I agree with Sasha. I gave up Amazon. I would rather pay more than support Bezos. Love these items, though, and look forward to your blog every morning 🙂

  7. I love your blog also. Though I’m not a fan of fast fashion and have also found that all of the things I used to buy on Amazon can be found elsewhere and I’m happy to wait.

    Amazon is the king of corporate greed. Bezos gets richer while america burns.

    I think you would be the perfect person to find all of these options on Etsy, Ebay, theRealReal…etc.

  8. Love that Anne Cole swimsuit A but alas no size 0 or 2 !
    Amazon does have amazing very minimalist and bare black nightgowns
    that look like The Row for around $20. I wear them with sneakers to walk
    Frankie and just around the house when I’m working.

    1. Lois, please share! Would love to know more. Right now I have been buying black slips to lounge around the house, but don’t want to go outside in them.

  9. Just bought the crazy dress, though for now it will mainly be seen on Zoom. I, too, have been trying to avoid Amazon as much as possible but I did give in here. Will report back.

    1. Got the dress and it’s really cute. Light material but I’m ok with that and oversized but it tapers towards the ankle which makes it not feel overwhelmingly large. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Thank you for Sunday’s post. In terms of today’s, I would feel remiss as a regular reader if I did not state that I agree with Sasha’s sentiments. I will not shop at Amazon because of their abysmal record on workers’ rights and tax avoidance. Bezos does not need any more money.

  11. I’ve been searching for that Baja hoodie for a long time. I am so happy to toss it in my cart with my boring toothpaste. Thank you Andrea. Once again you rock!

  12. It must be nice to have the money to pay extra. Not to mention the time. As someone who’s been furloughed, I have neither. Plus, many of the sellers on Amazon are small independent businesses. Thank you, Andrea, please keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. Amy, I’m with you. I’m hardly made of money these days and have been unemployed but a girl still wants to treat herself once in a while. I love all of Andrea’s picks here and I just ordered the wrap skirt in a cheerful red print, which is going to be perfect since we live at the beach and I can throw it over my suit! I have been following Andrea since Lucky days, have her books and obsessed with her incredible sense of style. I look forward to this column every day and always get great ideas, aspirational fashion and wonderful interviews and bios. THANK YOU ANDREA! XXX

  13. Totally thought the dress was Zero!
    While I also agree amazon might have its issues, it saved my parents when they couldn’t leave their home for groceries during isolation and had no one else who could do it for them. And I echo what Amy Gold said…

    1. Hi Nadine! I haven’t tried it but there is a size chart that shows all of the measurements. It’s definitely meant to be oversized, but if you’re super tiny it could swallow you! Xx

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