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Ever since my chic friend Gabriella told me her Native American-style earrings were actually from this hodge podge of a store,  and then my pal Karen showed off her Isabel-Marant-y poncho from here, I decided to delve a little further. Plus, I do love an unexpected shopping experience (my new favorite bag is actually from the hardware store), so after combing through everything,  I now bring you my top picks. This neutral breezy Mexican top would look cool tucked into a pair of white jeans or linen trousers, and, like everything else here, the price is right. p.s. a couple of things aren’t available online, but if there’s a store near you, they’re offering curbside pickup.


I love how this hat is kind of a mix of cowboy and fedora, so it works in the city as well as on the beach.


A floral robe is just a pretty piece to thrown on instead of the usual beat-up tees and sweats. Dare I say you can also belt it with something like this and rock it as a dress?

This crochet hobo bag has gold shimmery threads running through it, which makes things even more fun.


A 100% cotton kaftan works at home, the beach, anywhere.


I want two of these indigo pillow shams to boho up my all-white bed.


Here’s an easy dress in a great lapis blue  that you can wear loose or belted with something like this.


This evil eye mirror can double as some cool wall art.


I always love a good, colorful basket to hide toys, magazines, whatever you don’t want lying around.

Pretty knot/pearl earrings are sweet and look more expensive than they are ($12.99!)


This black cotton dress is the perfect summer piece to dress top or way down.


These pretty painterly bowls are supposed to be for noodles, but would of course be a great choice for cereal, oatmeal, yogurt and ice cream.



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  1. I haven’t been to a World Market store in seemingly decades! Those baskets would be perfect for my exercise stretchy bands and hand weights (which currently reside in an uber tacky clear plastic bag that once housed a sheet and pillow case set). And the bowls are summer perfect. Good choices!!

  2. World Market is the Pier 1 of the late 80’s early 90’s when they used to carry more boho looking furnishings and clothes. World Market does have some amazing fashion finds and is my favorite place to shop for stocking stuffers during the holidays.

  3. For all you salty/sweet fans their Cost Plus brand dark chocolate w/ sea salt is so delicious. The salt is crunchy (adds a nice) and the flavor is juuuust this side of savory. A square or two is lovely w/ a jammy glass of zin or syrah. Before migraines curbed my chocolate/wine cravings, I used to buy 10 bars at a time.

    1. “A square or two?” I am beyond impressed with your restraint. There’s no way I could have 10 chocolate bars in my house at a time! I

  4. I just ordered wine glasses from there, yesterday. In general, their furniture isn’t great quality but we bought some quite solid adirondack chairs last year. I don’t think they ship food items but they have a great food (cookies, candies, coffee, beverages, etc.) selection with an international flair. Also a great source stocking stuffers, etc.

  5. Such fun to shop there, although it’s been awhile. Cute choices!
    Just noticed, according to a review, that the darling strioed cotton caftan is in reality, 100% viscose, according to the inner label.

    1. I can confirm. I actually looked at this when I was in the store picking up an outdoor ottoman last week. It’s a lovely dress but viscose is weird. Someone at World Market needs to be fact-checking their product descriptions!

    2. Speaking of which… I just received a tank top from LAMade. On their website, it said it was 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The tag says 97% polyester and 3% spandex. I would NOT have purchased it, knowing it was polyester.

  6. The CostPlus flagship store in San Francisco was one of my favorite places to visit as a kid. It was magical!

  7. You need to do more profiles like that! You also need to show us your new favorite bag from the hardware store! 🙂

  8. They still have the best section of food products from around the world. At Christmas time, their selection of European sweets is amazing!

  9. Pillow shams ordered! SO excited. They’ll go on our porch swing and will be perfect with the shibori patterned cushions that I made (hey, gotta do something during lockdown)

  10. I have fond memories of wandering the aisles of World Market with my youngest daughter after we moved and were redecorating her bedroom, tossing in a few of those chocolate bars that Kimbersam mentioned.

  11. During my first visit to San Francisco, I spent hours in World Market/Cost Plus. I bought a gigantic basket…about 4′ high. The handsome cable car guy took the basket and set it down then picked me up and set me down IN the basket. I still dream about that guy!

  12. World Market is so great! Once, I got stuck at work late before a hurricane. I knew the grocery store would be either a nightmare, or just plain sold out of the necessaries. I went to World Market instead and got all kinds of shelf stable foods, candles, even wine and bath salts to keep the hysteria down 😉

  13. Had no idea that World Market sold clothes. Haven’t been in years, but I used to buy fun imported foods (interesting canned/tinned foods, jam/marmalades, Indian spices sometimes, different teas) and French wines there. Always good for a random storage basket!
    Good place to kill time (back when I had time to kill — pre-parenthood).

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