Finding The Grown-Up Stuff at Urban Outfitters

I haven’t done this post in a while, and figured it was time again to sift through the overly-trendy stuff like crop tops and mega-platforms to unearth some chic pieces for all of us. Take this cool shrunken vegan shearling that could pass for Acne or Balenciaga — throw it over jeans, dresses, anything!

I’ve been hankering for some late-’80s-style classic police oxfords (think Meg Ryan inWhen Harry Met Sally) and this pair looks pretty on point. Great with pleated menswear pants, jeans and a floral dress like this.

Here’s a perfect denim jumpsuit to wear over tanks or turtlenecks with the sleeves (and maybe legs) rolled up.

This denim jacket has something more elevated going on than your garden variety version — the gathered waist and slouchy shoulders make it look like a cool designer piece.

Such a chic polished leather bag that really stands out among all the backpacks and totes.

I love this dress! You can wear it with those Meg Ryan oxfords, ankle boots or pumps — it would be so great come spring too.

I am always searching for some good patterned tights, so just Ignore the raver boots for a moment and behold these crocheted stockings that are way more fun than plain black. p.s. they are now two for $20.

Cropped reworked Dickies (when not paired with belly tops) are a classic choice. Picture them with plain white tees, silk button-downs, cashmere sweaters and polished ankle boots.

This cute jumpsuit is exactly what I want to wear around the house right now (and outside with some little flat sandals next summer!)

A fluffy camel scarf is a cozy choice that would make any jacket or coat that much more exciting.

These hats have a really good shape and a fun subtle whipstitch detail.

And here’s another evergreen Aran sweater. Wear it with the Dickies and black loafers for a Haircut 100 vibe.

My friend Christine and I have been on the hunt for some affordable “diamond” huggies that could pass for real. I think I have found them right here. p.s. I would get a couple of pairs and throw two in one hole.

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  1. Omg! You found the perfect huggies! I’m going to get them right now. Two in one hole. I like that⚡️This whole post is just so so good!

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