Finding the Good Home Stuff on Etsy

Of course Etsy is a fantastic resource for all things vintage and great handmade stuff. But today I bring you some great  housewares — I could really go on and on, but here’s the list from my latest search. Let’s begin with this oversize macrame wall hanging that is perfect for over the bed, couch, in the entryway, anywhere you want to create a little warm boho situation. 



This minimal sofa sleeper looks like something from a chic Manhattan furniture showroom, but is under $500 — perfect for a smaller room.

 Here is such a great shop filled with interesting prints from maps to vegetables. I really had a hard time choosing just one to feature, but I went with this pretty flower chart that would look great in any room.

Sponges lying on the counter are just plain gross, so how about a cute ceramic holder to keep things neat?


We have a couple of these Moroccan leather poufs around the house, which make great ottomans, low side tables or just objets art!

I love these minimal candlesticks to keep on the dining table for everyday meals or impromptu dinner parties. Plus, they have little sticks rather than holes, so all different sized candles will work.

Here’s a sweet Suzani pillow cover to liven up the couch or bed. 


What I really want it this incredible bone-inlay desk, but I would settle for a pretty trinket box with a similar vibe.



Such sweet ceramic berry baskets to use for anything!



Turkish towels look so good hanging in the bathroom (and on the beach) and these are a really great price. 

There is nothing chic about laundry but this cool basket can at least make piling it up feel somewhat exciting.










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  1. Turkish towels are so perfect for summer since they dry so quickly and the Eau de Mildew is eliminated entirely. I’ve been trying to stay clear of Amazon (where I’ve purchased Turkish towels in the past) so it’s great to have an Etsy source.

    1. I’ve found that putting some white vinegar into my washer for use on the “prewash” setting gets that mildew smell out as well.

  2. The Suzani pillows might just be something I need. Plus, we have an inlaid box that we keep on the coffee table in the TV room to hold all of the TV/roku/dvd remotes.

  3. Love this divergence into home goods. On a similar note, wanted to suggest a dorm furnishing post, as my daughter is (hopefully) heading off to her first year of college in August.

  4. Just a heads up for anyone looking for a fun, low effort lock down hobby, that macrame wall hanging is super easy to make. I’ve been macrame-ing for about a year, and there are tons of easy beginner You Tube videos where you can make something that looks just like this. I suck at crafting, but that particular wall hanging uses really basic knots and would be about a six hour project, if that. if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, you can use driftwood instead of a dowel, which looks even more fancy 🙂 The first piece I ever made was from this video, which is the best:

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