Denim’s Summer Cousin


I love jean anything any time of year, preferably worn together, forever. And in warmer weather, it’s all about the chambray, once reserved for classic work shirts like this (truly a closet staple) and now you can find just about anything in this perfect light blue fabric, like Madewell’s easy popover which has sweet pin-tucking at the shoulder, giving it a slight Victorian feel.


Ralph Lauren’s bucket is beach preppie at its best, complete with that iconic polo logo (one of the few I can get behind).


A button-front swingy skirt hits at a good, grown-up place on the leg and has a bit of a ’70s art teacher appeal (wear it with a black leotard and you’re good to go).

Toms, both charitable and chic,  have become new American classics. In chambray they make the perfect summer shoe to wear with all kinds of jeans.


This wrap dress is just so easy and is kind of screaming out for some espadrille wedges.


J. Crew’s wide pants are a nice light warm weather trouser with a French sailor thing going on.Here’s another logo I can get with, and A.P.C.’s  tote is great for when you need to carry a little extra — plus it’s flat and light so you can roll it up in  your  suitcase should  you get to travel anytime soon.When you go for a jumpsuit in July, it better be light just like this one, (which will also transition beautifully into fall).


Here’s an easy shirtdress the could work over jeans too. Then throw on a chunky cardigan come fall.

And while we’re looking, how about some perfect summer masks?




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  1. I LOVE to see your style choices evolve through your pages. Just when I think I have you all figured out, you throw me a curve-ball! I never would have pegged you for a polo logo girl but I love that you shared that hat! Then I am imagining how you would personally style it – probably with some awesome vintage band tee to give it edge.

  2. I used to have a beloved, chambray shirtdress like the one from the Gap that I wore into tatters. I think you may have found me a replacement!

  3. I have a chambray popover shirtdress that is perfect for summer – It’s American Colors and I found it at Henry Lehr. So comfy and so easy to throw on and style.

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