Color of the Day: Dreamy Blue

Today I am feeling all kinds of blues, which are said to help calm the mind (who doesn’t want that, epsecially right now?) and are flattering on most skin tones. I am loving everything from a strong Yves Klein-esque saturation (officially called International Klein Blue) to serene sky shades. This bright turquoise sweater provides a nice shot of color and looks especially great with blue or black jeans.

Here’s a classic Il Bisonte wallet in a shockingly fun shade.

Cos’ chic and flowy dress would be expected in black, but is so much more interesting this way — and it’s now 50% off!


Classic Arizona Birks get a little dose of chic in a bright cobalt (so good with a black summer dress like this from Nili Lotan, or this Madewell one).


I’ve always loved clear raincoats, and this one would definitely take the sting out of a rainy day. 


My glass of choice is a Picardie in all sizes, for everything from seltzer to wine. Now I want some in this very French tint.


I used to have one of these cool Moroccan hand-dyed cotton scarves and somehow lost it. I was happy to find this one (sent from the U.S. with free shipping!) to wear right now as a nighttime shawl or wrapped as a daytime skirt, and all through the fall with denim jackets and my favorite pea coat. 


Mango’s lapis shirt has a good neck and slightly trendy sleeves. Would also be great under a classic navy or black blazer for more serious situations.

Here’s an all-blue watch that is a nice change from the usual, and goes well with gold or silver. 

This cute tee boasts the actual International Blue by Yves Klein. I like the white, but check out all the colors.

Indigo masks are cool for summer and all year long. 

I love the kind of earthy handmade macrame necklaces you can buy in places like Tulum and Buenos Airies, and this one is such a refreshing take.





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  1. Psychic?
    I spent way more time than I should have this week online searching for the perfect Yves Klein blue mask! Haven’t found it yet but it just seems right.
    I do like the indigo one though:-)

  2. lol sometimes during past State of the Union speeches I called the jackets I see in a certain hue, “Democratic blue.” They pop!

  3. Although I do think that blue sweater is super cute, the scene from Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly completely destroys Andy in her “lumpy blue sweater fished out from the Casual Corner clearance bin” immediately sprang to mind.

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