Best of The Week: 9/25/20

Before I get into today’s roundup, I must mention Amodex Stain Remover from last Friday once again. I used it the minute I received it, and man oh man, it really does get out old stains like magic, even those annoying inexplicable spots on black tee shirts, and obvious things like blood and red wine. Seriously, this stuff is a miracle, and I quickly ordered two more bottles! Ok, now let’s talk about this cute sweater vest that would make any tee shirt or button-down look fall friendly!

Meet my new favorite slippers, that of course you can wear outside — old-school velvet Maryjanes, that make everything look positively Dôen-esque, and are just under fifteen bucks.

How about a little turquoise nugget on a soft leather cord to wear with alone or like I do, layered with other pieces? They’re all super affordable and one-of a-kind so check them all out here.

I am about to embark on a weekend jaunt and am eyeing this chic All Saints tote for the plane.

If you’re looking for something to give your post-summer skin a little pick-me-up glow, I highly recommend The Ordinary Salicylic Masque which does just that. p.s. The whole tube is a mere twelve bucks.

In an in ongoing effort to lighten my load, I am thinking I can just snap this cool key chain onto my belt or loop when I am running to the store.

Alex Mill’s clever cardigan can go super Chanel-lady if you need it to, but is so soft and easy to wear.

And I think this snake belt could chase away any jeans-and-tee boredom you might be experiencing.

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