Best of The Week: 8/7/20


As I was perusing the 6397 site for new stuff the other day, this cool tee popped out at me. It was no doubt inspired by the 1990 cult film of the same name , but also don’t we all need a little adventure to get away from all the craziness? More pieces I’m eyeing:   this chic patchwork denim tote for the beach and everywhere else, fun, slightly punky floral skinny pants to wear instead of jeans, and this perfect striped cashmere sweater, all on sale!


We stayed at an airbnb Upstate that felt more like a chic little house on the beach in Tulum. Everything was boho-perfect, and the sheets and duvet cover were so soft I just had to ask the owner. Turns out she remodels homes for a living and had done a ton of research to find the softest bed linens. Assuming they were super fancy, I was thrilled when she told me they were actually these totally affordable ones from Amazon! Of course I immediately bought them along with the matching duvet cover and shams.


I love these Madewell sandals! They manage to be earthy and chic at the very same time (and I’m a sucker for a stacked wooden heel). Also would be really good with little ankle socks and rolled-up jeans come fall.

This L.L. Bean anorak looks like a cool fashion piece! So you get all the quality and warmth that this Maine institution provides, with a little shot of something more — could totally pass for an A.P.C. collaboration (wouldn’t that be so good??)


In the afternoons, when I would normally be meeting someone for an iced latte somewhere, I’ve been adding milk and ice to whatever is left of the morning coffee and taking it to the playground. I think this Stojo collapsible cup would make that experience even more fun.


Here’s a great pair of ecru Gap jeans on big sale. Just add boots and a cozy sweater later!

J. Crew’s knit tank looks like a French designer piece from the ’70s and it’s just calling out for those linen pants I posted the other day.

I’ve been wearing my old Matta pareos around the house lately (my “indoor” look, but also works anywhere), and this cute tiger print one is next on my list! Wrap it around tightly like a pencil skirt, throw on a white linen tee (or the knit tank) and strappy flat sandals and you’re good to go!



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  1. Just a friendly warning about the sheets- the microfiber ones I bought on amazon, (that everyone raves about), catch EVERY HAIR in the house. It’s so gross to pull back the duvet and have long hairs all woven through the sheets. I guess if no one has a lot of hair in the house you’re good to go

  2. Also about those sheets: isn’t “microfiber” just essentially plastic? Every time you wash them, they shed plastic into our water system, contributing to the plastification of our oceans and drinking water. Just a friendly reminder to think before you buy and shop thoughtfully and conscientiously!

  3. Why you are you, and I’m me: Your brilliant styling advice on the Matta pareo. Simply perfect. (And I’d suggest rosé at the beach in the Stojo cup!)

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