Best of The Week: 8/21/20

I keep thinking about this pretty hand-blocked Emerson Fry blouse that feels summery and classic, to keep up the sunny vibes as long as I can.

I have been wanting one of these cool serape swaddle blankets to actually wear as a perfect light cotton scarf or sarong, and they’re finally back in stock!

When I saw these Isabel Marant slides I thought, really?? Because they’re basically just like the more affordable classic Birkenstock Bostons, but now I am super into this new version that has a cool Clarks Wallabee front seam. 

Here’s a fun little bucket bag from Clare V. that has a kind of Hermès shape with a Vans-skater edge.

This chic wrap sweater is the perfect transitional piece to throw over just about anything, while giving a slight off-duty ballerina vibe.

I cannot stop making this delicious ginger lime chicken, which calls for lots of ground ginger and lime zest. So I bought this zester which truly is the best I have ever used. 

I want someone to snap up this amazing ’70s Lee denim blazer from cult vintage brand Edith Machinist right now!!


We can’t stop eating these addictive Firehook crackers during beer o’clock. They’re just salty enough with a yummy crunch.


I absolutely love this “Etruscan Clay” puffed sleeve sweater which feels very old-school French, and like the beginning of fall.



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  1. Dying for one of those swaddling blankets for the beach… but they don’t ship! You always find the best stuff!

    1. Since the pandemic hit, I have not been able to find Firehook crackers – we miss them so much at the cocktail hour! I cannot believe that they are $14 at Walmart – used to be $7 at Whole Foods.

  2. Real question: has Emerson-Frye EVER used a Black model? They finally have someone who isn’t blonde and white, but my goodness…do I really need to order from a company whose idea of diversity is a vaguely non-European brunette?

    1. I think the model is the designer herself. She has used a variety of models in past campaigns. I just assumed that when I started seeing her in all of her garment drops she was adjusting her product shots due to the quarantine. That is when I noticed she stopped using models and professional photos. EF is a smaller clothing brand and items are produced in smaller batches, usually pre-order. I own a few Emerson Fry pieces and they are beautifully made classics.

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