Best of The Week: 8/14/20

Yesterday was slightly breezy and not at all schvitzy, which made my mind wander ahead to crisp fall days. So of course I started looking at jackets (possibly my favorite category of clothing) and stopped in my tracks when I found this chic long shacket (their words this time, not mine). I’m thinking it would be so cool over a longer dress or just with jeans like here. Also, the somewhat dressier herringbone is pretty great too.   


I’ve featured this this bag in leather (now on sale), but now I’m also into the lightweight nylon version that would be perfect slung across the chest for hands-free ease.

Here’s a little Batsheva vibe for under thirty bucks from Target.

I already told you I started using NeuBROW, and now I can tell you it actually really works — I already see more thickness happening. Now you can get two for one at Nordstrom’s crazy sale. Do check out the rest of the deals here because they’re really good.

I found these perfect everyday hand-wrought 14k gold hoops on Etsy (for under $60!) that you can just put on and go about your business. 

My friend Holly sent me a link to this very French cotton tee and the shape is so good, I want all three colors.

I do love New Wash Deep, but every other shampoo, I’ve been using this ACV rinse that sort of foams up and makes my scalp feel extra clean, while removing any build-up on my hair.

These Steve Madden spiked sandals are very Valentino, and also part of the big Nordstrom sale. 

I never thought of this before, but a high-powered friend of mine who spends a lot of work hours online, told me she always covers her camera when she’s not using it. Paranoid? Maybe, but why take a chance? I’m ordering these easy covers immediately.

This is such a good jacket that reminds me of the Dutch army shirt worn by French Vogue editor Capucine Safyurtlu here.





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  1. I love having a camera cover on my laptop– I’m not worried about people spying on me, but it has totally saved me from accidentally showing my colleagues that I am unshowered and in my pjs for our online meetings.

  2. I put a yellow sticky note over my laptop camera way back in April. So there’s the cheapskate’s way to privacy.

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