Best of The Week: 7/24/20

On the I-can-shop-anywhere tip, last week as I was buying mosquito candles, lightbulbs and can of white lithium grease (husband request –don’t ask because I have no clue), I spotted something that vaguely felt like an exciting fashion purchase —  this little Bucket Boss tool bag that I immediately snatched off the shelf, later removed the ugly rubber logo with a seam ripper, and proceeded to carry everywhere. It opens like a doctor bag so you can see everything easily, and it’s especially great at the beach — those are shells in the net pockets but also good for your phone, lip balm and keys. p.s. The dress is ancient Matta, those purple sandals are my new favorite Magnafieds and of course that’s the belt bag that I use every day — they only have black left but that’s pretty great too, especially come fall.


Does “age appropriate” apply to things like laptop covers? I say no, so I am thinking I need this fun quilted bubblegum pink number, which also comes in a more understatedly chic black or brown. Either way, it’s like a comforter for your computer!


I love all things Vivien Ramsay, including the designer herself! So of course along with the the underwear I posted last week, I am crazy about her fun and affordable old-school tube socks.


Here’s a really pretty floral top that helps you look like you made some kind of effort, even though it’s such an easy piece. Cute with everything from white jeans to denim overalls.

As you know I’ve been having an affair with New Wash Deep that I use with this scrub brush (so good even on days you’re not washing your hair — gives a great root lift!) and now I am adding Déshabillé (Undressed) which is a non-drying, saltless kind of beach spray to use on wet or dry hair, for perfectly tousled waves.

I’m always into a good diving watch for the beach and sprinkler parks, and this Timex is a pretty perfect specimen. Looks rich without costing a small fortune.


I’m thinking ahead to fall and picturing these cool boots (now under $100) with some rolled-up jeans and an oversize blazer.


I love blank note cards! You can draw anything you want on them, and they’re perfect for thank you notes “written” by my four year old using our favorite colored pens. The recipients always appreciate them too — so much better than store bought.


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  1. Ordered the Vivian Ramsey undies you posted about the other day––they arrived––I love them––will be ordering more–– AND included with the undies was a gifted pair of those tube socks! They are, indeed, pretty darn fabulous.

    1. Ok, so this falls into the “questions you never thought you’d ask soneone on the internet” category but….how do the undies fit? I used to be a “small” in undies but have a feeling that is no longer the case….

    2. Eloise, not a weird question at all…I’m considered to be a “small” person––5’2 (and three quarters) inches––101lbs. I looked at the sizing guide, but felt I could fit into either the XS or the S so I ordered the S. They come to right under my belly button and are not saggy in the rear, but I also think I could fit into the XS as well if I wanted a slightly smaller and snugger fit. Probably because of Covid and the resulting lounging around time at home I find I’m wanting to go looser and baggier all the time––boxers next! Ergo, the undies that are almost too big, but feel so perfect at the same time. Hope this helps!

  2. My husband is a carpenter for the tv and film industry. He owns this tool bag and a few others that I always thought would make great handbags. Of course he thought I was crazy for saying that, but what does he know about fashion. Lol

  3. I bought those boots from Nordstrom’s a couple of weeks ago (for about the same retail)! I was envisioning them with cropped jeans. Now, I’m just hoping that I’ll actually have somewhere to wear them this fall…

  4. You are adorable:)
    thanks for your posts. I especially love these Friday round ups and look forward to them all week!

  5. Hi – love the watch – I was searching high and low for the tank watch you featured from Amazon awhile back and I cant seem to find it on your blog. can you remind me where to find it please? thank you 🙂

  6. Hi! I bought New wash shampoo and feel it leaves my hair really greasy:( I don’t have the brush but maybe I’m doing something wrong…?

    1. I tried New Wash – kept with it through two bottles, adjusted amount of product used, rinsing method, frequency of washing…I always ended up with a greasy scalp and dry ends to some degree. Just didn’t work for me. Had to go back to regular old shampoo + conditioner (but I still use the scalp brush!)

  7. I LOVE the Matta dress you’re wearing! Of course, it would be from seasons past…. I couldn’t be happier withNew awash Hair Balm, so I might give Déshabillé a try (it sounds so sexy in afrench!).

    1. It’s a dress that they seem to roll out every summer, but of course not this summer. I will inquire for sure. And I think you will be happy with the Déshabillé! xx

  8. If you like that bag look at KLEIN TOOL BAGS……a mainstay for years. If you like that laptop sleeve, see also Le Sportsac version… go to. And though off topic for this post (see yesterday) if you want an insanely comfy bra check out CUUP’s Balconnette! I saw them on Bobbi Brown’s website when COVID started….bought one and after wearing it for a day threw out all of my ratty bras and bought many more. They’re amazing. Happy Weekend!

    1. Yes — love the Klein pouches! Tried Cuup and sadly it didn’t fit me so well. Will check out the balconette. xx

  9. The Balc is my far my favorite. I should also have mentioned anything PARKER THATCH is fun…..their bags and accessories might make a fun post!

  10. Do you think the Bucket Boss bag would work as a diaper bag? Or, because it doesn’t have a shoulder strap it would be inconvenient. I love that it opens like a doctor’s bag.

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