Best of The Week: 7/17/20

The other day I came across this pretty teal 100% cotton poplin number which is truly the perfect grown-up sundress —  cool, chic and super easy. p.s. if you’re thinking about the bra situation, my long-time favorite strapless one would totally work here. 

Just picked up a bottle of Rahua Enchanted Island Lotion and wow — it’s so light yet hydrating and fruity smelling and I especially love it to make arms and legs glow. Only question is why doesn’t it come in a jumbo size?

I am crazy for Vivien Ramsay’s cotton boy briefs that come in a pack of three and are even good at the beach.

I linked to this perfect mini wallet recently because I really wanted it to help me lighten my load, and now that it’s mine I love it even more.

I am on my second jar of Supergoop Daily Moisturizer, which is odorless, super light, has an spf of 40 and is completely reef safe. Plus it’s the perfect base for tinted moisturizer or foundation.


My friend Heidi texted me about Patagonia’s Sol shirt because it not only protects you from the sun, but it looks like a cool French-Vogue-editor army shirt (especially in the green, but the white is pretty cool too).

I picked up some of this Byrd Texturizing Surf Spray at the new Warm store in Amagansett. It’s actually marketed to men, but the formula (coconut water, sea salt and pineapple among others) is good for us too (reminds me of that old Irish Spring commercial).

Where have these genius scrunchies been all my life?? They are made out of that stuff that hair-drying towels are made of, and you just throw one in your hair and watch it dry faster — so good if you wash your hair before bed!


I bought one of these Dreamfarm silicone spoons and now kind of don’t know what I did without it. You can use it to measure, stir sauces, scoop stuff out of bowls and leave safely resting on a pan. So good!






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    1. I can second this rec, even for bigger busts (32DDD here!). I have worn both nude and black for years. One of those purchases you should buy double of in case they’re (god forbid) discontinued.

  1. If you wear your wet, drying hair in a scrunchie while sleeping, doesn’t it dry in a weird shape? That is cool though about the terrycloth towel scrunchies.

  2. I just ordered the Kitsch scrunchie from the Today Show Steals and Deals (or Deals and Steals???) but it came in a set with this ingenious microfiber hair towel/pillow cover with a waterproof layer so you can go to sleep with wet hair! Genius!

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