Best of The Week: 7/03/20


I recently found an old denim vest in a bag of stuff that I left at my mom’s house after our move. Now I wear it on regular rotation and it just gives me a little something extra without adding heft or too much warmth (plus the front pockets come in handy). It looks great over tanks, tees, button-downs and dresses, and will be cool layered under blazers and denim jackets come fall. Anyway, here is another great option for under forty bucks. Happy 4th — enjoy the long weekend and please stay safe! xx


This Leather + Embers candle from Target never fails to fill me with joy. It smells so rich and yummy and is pretty huge so it lasts a long time. All that for only $11.99!


I love the boldness of this minimal chic barrette that’s now 50% off at Cos.


My friend Anne sent Gino this fun acorn kit for his birthday, and while it was a great activity for us to do together,  it’s also just a nice touch on the windowsill.

For no reason at all I have been craving some old-school espadrille pumps to wear with jeans (I guess I’m thinking Jane Birkin), and I quickly ended my search with this near perfect pair from J. Crew. I heeded makeup artist (and my neighbor) Gita Bass’ advice and got myself this Tower 28 bronzer in Best Coast (there’s also a lighter option). I especially love it as a subtle, glossy eye shadow, but of course it’s great on cheekbones and the sides of the forehead too.

A few of you have asked where my gold hoops were from in this post. I actually had two earrings in one hole. One is sort of a puffed 22K Indian pair a little like this, and the other has a little tassle hanging down — these and these are kind of the same vibe. 


Here’s a cute little repurposed washed canvas tote that’s a good option for easy summer days.

I finally just went back to Anessa at Headdress for a safe cut and she sprayed my finished dry hair with some Rahua Hydration Detangler. And just wow — it made my hair so soft and springy!

How cute is this vintage-inspired Hawaiian Madewell tee to wear with shorts and jeans?










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  1. I remember my first real “grown-up” boyfriend while I was at college: He was 23 and I was 18 and gaga over him. He always wore vests and Levi’s 501s and looked sexy as hell!

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