Best of The Week: 6/26/20

There are two things going on in this photo: First off, I am loving my hair right now! I’ve waxed poetic about New Wash before, and so have many of the women I have profiled — which is not surprising since there is quite the cult following of this sulfate free “shampoo”. And this might be TMI, but I have an active scalp which means I am prone to the crusties (gross but true), so I need my head/hair to feel really clean. My latest obsession is New Wash Deep which contains apple cider vinegar that I use with this game-changing scalp brush, and let me tell you the combo is nothing short of a fabulous cleansing miracle. Washing my hair has never left like a fun activity, but I swear with these two it’s an exciting spa visit (sadly as close as one can get these days). After towel drying, I use their Hair Balm and my hair looks perfectly bed-heady when it air dries. If you don’t need the extra scalp cleanse, I say just use the original New Wash with that incredible brush. And the second thing that’s going on here is my new favorite whisper thin lavender cotton button-down, by my dear friend Christine Ganeaux (owner of the cool shop Ganeaux in Amagansett). You might remember her cool line from back in the late ’90s-early aughts. Well I’m beyond thrilled that she’s back with a capsule collection — incredible skinny-slouchy chinos, wide-leg jeans, shrunken blazers, perfect tees and slip dresses and this shirt that also comes in black and white (everything is naturally hand-dyed). p.s. I don’t care if my bra shows, but you can always wear a light cami underneath or tie it over one of the slip dresses. Everything is so new, it’s not up on her site yet, so for more information email or call her Amagansett shop 631 267-7717 and tell them Andrea sent you. Have a great weekend everyone! xx


Since I’ve been mostly opting for Birkenstocks lately, I am completely smitten with these chic silver shoes that just happen to be by Naturalizer, so we know they’re not going to torture us. Cute and comfy is my favorite combo.


I’m thinking H & M’s easy tee dress is something we would all throw on at home and to run out to the store a lot.


My husband and I are both addicted to Yogi Bedtime Time tea, which we sip while watching the last half hour of whatever show we happen to be watching. It tastes way better than all the other sleepy teas and seems to help us drift off faster.


How good is this very French striped shirt I found on Etsy? It also comes in red with the little blue striped cuff too.


It is my favorite season for Little Barn Apothecary’s Coconut + Pear Refreshing Mineral Mist. Although I use it all year, summer is when I keep it in the fridge and spray it on my face and head (husband and kid too). It smells delicious, keeps everything hydrated and helps my hair spring back to life.


I love my new Gap khaki shorts, that really look like a vintage score, especially with a cool old belt. Just one thing: They come With the hem sewn into a cuff, which I cannot stand, so I simply used a seam ripper and now they’re perfect.

We don’t have a ton of counter space so a drying rack was always kind of out of the question and I have to say this fact used to really bum me out. Until I found this seemingly nothing piece of slatted silicone that has changed my life! You just throw it over the sink to dry dishes and glasses and it’s also great for draining colanders. Plus when you don’t need it, you can just roll it up and put it away. Super genius.


This Zero Maria Cornejo dress is taunting me because A. It’s the perfect cool little black dress, and B. It’s on big sale.


This classic Lauren-Hutton-esque gauze popover would look pretty great with those khaki shorts, or just sone white jeans.


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  1. Love love love! Ordering that shampoo today, and that roll up drain tray – genius! So honored to be included in your Best of the Week Look forward to it every Friday!! xoxoxo

  2. Your hair looks fantastic! Please tell me about your earrings I noticed them in a previous post and would love to know all about them! Thank you

    1. Thank you! I have two pairs of hoops in each ear. One is a 22kt Indian puff hoop and the others are also Indian with tassels. I was trying to channel Zoe Kravitz in High Fidelity. Don’t I look exactly like her? LOL. Email me and I’ll send links to similar ones xx

  3. I’m so glad to see a positive review of New Wash! I’ve been using it for awhile (the regular version), but I’ve found that my aging, colored hair still needs to use a conditioner with it, which kind of defeats the point. However, when and after I use this up, I’m going to try the New Wash Rich, which I’m sure will do the trick. I also wanted to remind readers that you need to use a lot of pumps and really really coat your scalp and let it sit after you work it into the scalp. I’ve seen some bad reviews and I’m sure it’s because they didn’t use enough. I have fine, but a lot of hair that barely touches my shoulders and I use about 10 pumps.

  4. I was driving past Ganeaux this morning and about three different items caught my eye including what appeared to be a perfect summer blazer and I’m not even a blazer person. Must. Stop. By.!! Also, that silicone drying “rack” ordering!

  5. Love the silver Naturalizer shoes and have kind of discovered
    Aerosoles , Hush Puppies and Naturalizer brands which used to have an “old lady” rep
    are now cool. Try the Aerosoles loafers – which I have in silver.
    Yes, that Yogi tea is delish but I’m allergic to the chamomile in it ! Licorice tea
    without chamomile does the sleepy trick too.

  6. Would you mind sharing where your pants in the picture are from? I highly suspect you’ve told us before, but I would love to know again!

  7. The roll-up sink drain is genius. And I can vouch for the scalp brush to reinvigorate and clean the scalp. Love the hem hack on those shorts, too!

  8. Love the Ganeaux shirt, curious about that spray/mister, and have wanted to try the shampoo. Maybe it’s time. I have that exact drying rack (or one that looks identical), and it’s a genius product and maybe my favorite kitchen item. Life changing for sure.

  9. Great pic of you, Andrea! I’m using Hair Story’s Hair Balm now because of you and I LOVE it to give my wavy hair a bit of moisture and definition after a shower. Yay for Christine!

  10. Hi Andrea, could you perhaps help me, regarding the Vince Pima cotton cami top, I’m not sure whether to go for the Small or Medium, I use both sizes depending on the brand. Would you know about Vince’s sizing as I cannot send it back? Thanks.

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