Best of The Week: 6/14/19


They’re no wild bargain, but I am really into these cool chino-vintage-military shorts hybrid of a pant. I love the pleat, slouch and crop, plus how good is the buckle waist? A perfect summer piece if you ask me.


A little summer savior: I keep some Little Barn Apothecary’s Coconut and Pear spray, in the fridge and spray it throughout the day on my and my three-year-old’s face and hair. It keeps things moisturized and smells and feels incredible!
I decided to lighten my load and pare down in the wallet department, so I got this chic little purse from my friends at JDR & Co. It holds enough money, cards and receipts without having to lug around a big heavy thing.
Eggs are a staple in our house, but I recently found out I have slightly high cholesterol, so I picked up some Just Egg, which is made entirely from plants! I cannot stop eating it because it’s that good.
Loving these little old-school hoops, which are just perfect with a white tee and jeans for summer.


After a no-polish few months I decided to go for it and picked Essie At the Helm, which is a happy and summery coral that’s not overly orange.
Does anyone remember when all the models wore these white mocs in the ’80s? I am SO feeling them again!
I’ve been using ClearStem CLEARity every night for about a week now and notice a real difference in my skin! It’s an AHA formula that feels a bit like water going on, and it seems to be exfoliating (clogged skin is getting less so), yet without any irritation.



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  1. I totally forgot about those moccasins! I had the white, and was totally obsessed with them… I think I have to have again. Love this post! Thank you!!!

  2. LOVE the Just Eggs! My 10 yr old daughter was a scrambled egg lover until we found out she was egg intolerant. Now she can eat “eggs” every morning for breakfast again. Such a life saver!

  3. I wore those mocs in the sixties (only then they didn’t have rubber soles). And the reason I wore them is because my mother saw a model in Vogue wearing them and thought I must have a pair as well. As crazy as she made me, my mother had a brilliant sense of fashion.

  4. I have been looking for an orange polish that isn’t to orange! That Essie color has the right amount of coral. I will have to copy you 😉

  5. Studies have proven that dietary cholesterol has no impact on your blood serum cholesterol levels, so you can eat real eggs again! Now who wants to buy me those pants?

  6. Can anyone share a link to how people used to wear these white moccasins? Being an eighties baby myself, I’m having trouble visualizing it (and Google is not helping me)!

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