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I know I already wrote about these Nili Lotan Paris pants last Friday, but then they arrived and I got so excited I wanted to say it again! So far I’m just wearing them in the apartment with my Gucci loafers (also just house shoes for now). But I can’t wait to bust them out with brown boots (see below) and myriad other shoes, sweaters and jackets. Enjoy the long weekend. See you all Wednesday! Also, Happy 17th Birthday to my rock-star goddaughter Louise — love you, Lou!! xx

I am obsessing about these real paddock boots that are meant for people who actually ride horses and hang out in barns, but I just want them for my city life because they are so classic-cool! I already have the insulated waterproof version, so I know they’re comfy.I ordered these Kitsch Scrunchies made from water-absorbing fabric (just like those after-shampoo towels). I just throw my hair up in a top knot with one, and let me tell you it cuts the drying time in half.

I love my new shirt from the Ralph Lauren boys’ department! It looks great with jeans, trousers, those Nili pants in black or Eggshell and makes me feel a little like Diane Keaton in the bookstore and final diner scenes in Annie Hall. Plus it’s now only $16.99!After reading this piece in theTimes about the always inspiring Norma Kamali (whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing for a story, and I am telling you she couldn’t be nicer and is unbelievably gorgeous close up). Anyway, she said she uses Normalife Glow, a subtle tinted self-tanner for the face, every day, so I immediately bought some and now I do too. p.s. I am also suddenly craving her classic Sleeping Bag coat.

Since Mango is having a ginormous sale, I poked around and found this chic army parka on a big markdown. You can find a whole bunch more good stuff on sale right here.

I’ve been hankering for some everyday baby gold hoops, and these hinged ones look pretty perfect to me!And here’s a really cute take on a military backpack in baby blue or yellow that’s just right for spring. p.s. it holds a 13″ laptop!





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  1. The Norma Kamali article was really interesting and it looks like it may have prompted others to crave her Sleeping Bag coat, too – to quote my favorite PATH [commuter] train conductor’s announcement at the last stop: “This [page] goes NOOOOWHHHHERREE.” Also, those boots, and maybe a pair of tall riding (not riding in my case) ones are going to be mine – yay!! And thanks.

  2. I still have the tearsheet from that Vogue page with the sleeping bag coat — it still looks so cool!
    (ps that link doesn’t work, maybe it sold out?)

  3. I got some hoops very similar from Kinn Studios, an awesome woman owned business which I try to patronize as much as possible. I haven’t taken them out since they arrived. Highly recommend. Now off to look at the Nili Lotan pants!

    1. I wish I did but these are in a league of their own! Your first order on the site is 10% off. There’s also a financing option at checkout. I figure the cost per wear will make it all worth it!

  4. As the mother of a horse obsessed daughter I can attest to the quality of the Ariat boots. She has worn them in ALL the sizes since age 5 and the pairs just get passed down to the next rider coming up. They last and last AND are classic!

  5. I have always loved Norma Kamali, and used to wear her super fitted stretchy jumpsuits in the late 80s, early 90s. I still have them in my attic as I could not part with them. I would visit her store during my lunch hour. I have always wanted one of her sleeping bag coats, still do, but never bought one as could not decide which style to get! She is a true role model! Love her!!!

    And you look awesome in those Nili Lotan pants. I have been thinking about getting them in black, but then got distracted by the other pant styles too. Do you have a favorite style? I adore my Nili Lotan sweaters.

  6. Hi: also a fan of the Paris pants, the Military pants, the Nolans and the Tel Avivs. but then I got Jennas, which do not fit cool and slouchy but way too tight.; “slim” is how they are described on the website.
    I think a reasonable alternative to Paris pants are the Citizens of Humanity Sadie Utility….I hunted down 2 pairs on Ebay after the first pair I had turned to shreds….

  7. Ahhhh! Those Nili pants are pure perfection on you, Andrea. I have several pairs of her military pants but the Paris will certainly be next! xx

  8. Andrea – can you tell me which Gucci loafers you’re wearing? Are they they Jordan loafers…or the ones with the soft back that folds down? Thanks!!!

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