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Happy almost-holidays! This is the last post I’ll be doing until next Wednesday when I’ll bring you yet another Top 5-er. Let’s start today’s picks with this amazing almost-classic-but-way-more-fun striped sailor top that I just ordered yesterday –the giant bell sleeves are everything! And here are a few more good things to buy in case you didn’t get what you really wanted. Have a great holiday whatever you celebrate, and I’ll see you next week. xx

I’ve had my eye on the Striiike corkscrew earrings because they are so perfect to wear in different holes. The questions is, which stones??
I already have this silhouette (as the fashion people say) in black and blue. But white jeans are so chic in winter!
Already ordered Topshop’s adorable side-zip sweater. So cute with that striped tee hanging out.
I saw the coolest girl at my local coffee place and she had a little bag like this handmade leather one holding just some cash and a credit card. I became obsessed and bought my own (this one also holds a phone).



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  1. How were you able to order that fantastic striped shirt??? It has been sold out for ages! Did you do “notify me when back in stock” and it was actually back in stock (even though sold out now)? I never really believe that “back in stock” notification thing works. I want that shirt so bad! Happy holidays, Andrea! Thanks for the gift of this blog, I look at it EVERY DAY. I’ve been a fan of yours since your Lucky days.

  2. Love the handmade leather bag. I’d love it customized to a rich brown. There are all kinds of interesting things on her site.

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