Best of The Week: 12/31/20


Remember when I showed you my favorite vintage silk blouse that I got at Edith Machinist (right now I am eyeing this incredible bag, cool buckle ring and chic Saint Laurent tank!) Well here is the original inspiration photo of Camille Rowe that made me so happy when I found said top. This Nili Lotan blouse (now on big sale) is kind of perfect to emulate this look, no? Happy New Year, everyone — have fun and stay safe. See you in 2021! xx

My friend Liz was telling me how much she is obsessed with her Jenni Kayne shearling slides. Then we found this gorgeous more evening-y satin pair and now we’re both obsessing!

I bought Coco & Eve Bali Bali Bronzing Foam after seeing it on Instagram. Well I am here to tell you this stuff is INCREDIBLE. You’ll need a mitt like this to ensure even coverage, but the color is so right on — more of a natural olive tan than orange, and it dries in a jiffy!

My husband, who loves a good technical piece of clothing, bought me this Mountain Hard Wear Ghost Whisperer vest for Christmas. While the design doesn’t exactly knock my socks off, this thing is so light and soooo warm!!! I plan on layering it under my wool coats when I don’t feel like doing the whole parka thing.

Since I am really feeling the ’80s gold these days, I was happy to find this cool piece that looks like the real deal and gives me perfect Dynasty vibes.

After splattering red sauce all over my white tee, I decided it was time for a full-on apron. This one that I found on Etsy would only be more perfect if it didn’t have that rip, but I still adore it.

This one is a bummer and miracle all rolled into one. I can barely see ingredients/directions on products anymore (the bummer) so I got a handy dandy SeeZoom Magnifying glass and can see just about any small print that’s thrown at me (the miracle).

I am loving this oversized quilted bag from H&M. Super chic, under forty bucks, and for you vegans, it’s completely leather free.

My husband got me this gorgeous Scosha earring charm for Hanukkah. I threw it on a little hoop (she makes those too) and I haven’t taken it off since.

I thought I was over the whole twist top thing until I saw this top that looks super cozy and like something I would like tucked into higher-waist jeans.




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  1. I have a Mountain Hardwear vest that is about a million years old and still looks brand new and still keeps me warm. Also have that magnifying glass and can NOT live without it! You’ve knocked it out of the proverbial ball park with these items (that earring charm is gorgeous!). Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family, Andrea! Gotta say, Mike knocked it outta the park with the Scosha earring charm!

  3. Am beginning the debate on the vest and magnifying glass – hard to wrap my (apparently old) brain around such practical items.

  4. I love all of this, AS USUAL! Happy new year Andrea! I was just talking to a friend about your blog, and telling her that Victoria’s Secret is about to get a lot cooler. 🙂 I have been coveting those shearling slides for awhile. I worry about shearling shoes outside the house though – do they become a magnet for grime and dirt?

    1. Happy New Year, Samantha! I always just spray my light-colored suede with some kind of protector. You can always use a suede brush too. xx

  5. That is an amazing photograph of Camille Rowe. Is she sitting at a school desk in a bar? Somehow she makes that cool.

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