Best of The Week: 12/23/20

Since it’s a short week, I present the usual Friday roundup to you today. So how about you treat yourself to Nili Lotan’s cashmere Ralphie sweater, which is the very best shade of nutmeg and now down to $180 from $450 — check out the rest of the big sale here. Have a great (and safe) holiday, everyone — see you soon! xx

The other day I saw the coolest woman wearing an oversized menswear coat (like the one I nicked from my dad in the ’80s), with some Nike windbreaker pants, classic Blundstones and a faux fur trapper hat. Now I really want this so I can copy her!I picked up this little pink bandana the other day at Love, Adorned. I’ve been wearing it a lot as a little neckerchief and it’s making me so happy!

My friend Anne  saw a cool girl wearing these puffy down pants and quickly sent me the link. While they’re not the most flattering choice, I wore them over my jeans while sledding the other day, and they were so toasty warm, I didn’t want to take them off! I will definitely rock these (maybe with that menswear coat) the next time it’s leg-numbing cold out.

Now that I’m going to have a little time off, I’m excited to dive into The New Rules of Aging Well by my friend Danielle Claro and Dr. Frank Lipman, authors of the equally informative and digestible The New Health Rules (a New York Times bestseller!This book promises to help all the symptoms that go along with aging (stiffness, sluggishness, etc) without making you feel like you’re reading a text book.While my husband despises them, I have a real thing for a classic Margiela tabi shoe (I’ve had the boots for years). Anyway, I finally treated myself to the ballet pumps which make my usual jeans and tee situation so much cooler with a nice feminine edge.

I scored the perfect silk blouse from Edith Machinist (see it here). This one from Zadig & Voltaire comes pretty close, and it’s on sale!While it might not be the most romantic or exciting gift, my husband got me a mini whisk for Hanukkah. It’s definitely a step up from the tiny one from Gino’s old play kitchen I’ve been using, and it’s great for everything from eggs to my go-to classic vinaigrette.

How chic is this padded belt bag? You can wear it on your waist or slung over the chest — So good for hands-free running around.




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  1. Going to grab both books – the trick is going to be getting myself to actually read them (maybe we need a IWtbH book club – jk, sort of, I know you must be crazed and am so very grateful you are still posting here).

  2. I like your picks, thanks. Not to nitpick, but the color of the cashmere is called cognac not nutmeg. I just checked. I hope that you have a happy holiday. ☃️

  3. That blouse is really pretty and it reminds me of a Vince blouse that I like. Wishing everyone that celebrates a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  4. Lovely picks as usual! I’ve been seeing a functional/integrative doctor for 16 years now And he has kept me so healthy! Just ordered the New Rules book which I’m sure will reinforce my regimen. Sending you peaceful holidays Andrea, to you and your sweet family!

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