Best of The Week: 11/13/20


It’s Friday the 13th (which many people, including Italians and the French, think is a good omen — just check out James Colarusso’s 13 charm and ring which he considers to be good luck charms. Also, someone asked me just yesterday to find a good “housecoat”, so I present you with the ultimate piece when it comes to this kind of thing — the OFFHOURS Homecoat that is made of French Terry and lined in tee shirt fabric (heaven), and could actually pass for a fabulous parka (I would for sure wear it outside). Plus, it’s completely machine washable! Don’t you kind of really want one?

I’m so into these Mango braided leather moccasins that look very much like out-of-reach Bottega Veneta but at $79.99, they’re right at our fingertips!

Check out this fun knit kit from the hip-chic Brooklyn shop M. Patmos that comes with everything you need to make this fun beanie. Such a great gift, or just something for you to do when you have some downtime at home (which should happen a lot these days). Also, Marcia Patmos let me know that we can all get 25% off anything M. Patmos — just look here (even on sale items) with the code AL25! There is a lot to take in, but I would like to give a shoutout to This very Shelley-Duvall-in-the-Shining dress, these cozy-chic joggers, and a near perfect tee.

After I posted the Oy Vey stuff from Kule last Friday, I looked around some more and found this cute and happy tote that would actually look really cool with a winter parka or summer kaftan!

Here’s a pretty lavender wrap sweater for days when you want to feel a little more feminine/colorful (it also comes in black!)

I love Le Pen pens and now my new favorite shade is this cool elephant gray.

Everlane’s cashmere bandana is the perfect little thing to wear right now before it gets ridiculously blustery — or you can wear it later as part of your “look” and then throw a giant scarf over it. And this lapis is really so, so good.

A friend recently sent Lenny Kravitz’s new memoir Let Love Rule which, to be honest, I had no interest in reading. Then I heard him talking about it on NPR and cracked it open to give it a try. Guess what? I LOVE it! I haven’t gotten too far yet but I’m really enjoying reading about his childhood and learning more about the family dynamic that shaped him. p.s. his mom Roxy Roker sounds like just about the coolest mom ever. Can’t wait to dig back in!



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    1. I just saw a review claiming that someone 5′ 3″ (an inch on me) loves it but still think it would swallow me up a bit too much. Just sent an email basically begging them to consider making a smaller one.

  1. I have been wanting an Offhours “homecoat” since January. I balked at the price but maybe I should’ve gotten one, given what the year had in store!

    As for books, you might also like Val Kilmer’s memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry. It’s kind of stream-of-consciousness, reflective, and hopeful all in one. I found it surprisingly upbeat for a downbeat time. The title “Let Love Rule” put me in mind of it just now…

    (Have a great weekend, everyone!)

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